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Marriage Prediction According to Astrology

marriage prediction

Direction to Marriage.

A common question that every parents would like to know for their daughter and son.  Astrology can very well predict and tell you the post marriage issues, luck, wealth, rise and compatibility between the bride and groom along with their family.

Based on kundali matching, an astrologer can very well forecast the post marital problems, specially these days when earning wealth is no longer the husband responsibilities and taking care of domestic work wives. These days the women and man both are equally responsible to earn money and take care of the home. Astrology helps you to know the compatibility between the couple based on wealth, health, love and growth.

In astrology, 1st house is you and the 7th house is your wife in case of girl’s kundali tells about the husband’s side family. The 8th house predicts the financial strength of the husband’s side. The reason being the husband and wife may be two different bodies but their luck may start walking together in the same track with plenty of sharing. So it’s very important to understand the stars that are well connected and also choose the bride and groom accordingly.

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Well if it is a blind love, still the kundali matching should not be ignored. As no matter how much one loves life’s struggles and obstacles will always make the couple loose the harmony between each other and disturbing the family members.

The point is to know how to be blessed with wealth and love post marriage. The ultimate way is through horoscope matching, each one of us are born with some Karmas . Good or bad so it is very essential to know the challenges one will face in case the stars or the planets do not match or complement each other.

For example if the boy’s chart shows less wealth or no wealth yogna and he gets married to a girl with wealth yogna in her chart he will be financially very secure and vice versa. Astrology plays this vital role in marriage where both the bride and groom can see the upcoming troubles as well the good times from each other.

How to determine luck & wealth Post marriage?

Well, there are many ways to determine luck after marriage in the horoscope. In Vedic astrology the 7th house and its lord tells the story. Marriage karaka Venus for male and Jupiter & mars for female and the influence positive and negative of the 7th house and its lords are important factors in considering the rise after marriage.

Importance of various house in kundali matching. In Vedic astrology, lagnas are always important as from this time the journey of your marriage begins. The time determines the rise in the marriage for the couple-to-be.

Astrology also predicts the kind of family members the bride or groom might encounter and how one should work towards the happiness of the family. Post marriage sometimes we left with no choice except to live with members and accept each one with their traits so it is always advisable to consult an astrologer to know the how and why situations.

How to be blessed with children post marriage?

Astrology works in every aspect, in terms of having children also. Based on the birth chart from the bride and groom it can be known whether the couple can have children or will be childless. These days having children is an individual choice still one can very well know about them post marriage? This calculation can be made based on Vedic astrology studying the lagans and the planets.  For example if the bride chart shows the house with two children whereas, the groom with no children then the marriage will surely have problems and it will be difficult to sustain. However, marriage astrology can go deep into the issue and provide solutions to such problems.

It will be very difficult to discuss solutions as each person is born in different time with different stars and their respective nature.

How will be my husband’s side family after marriage?

Relation with family members including brother, sister, father, mother and others living in the family can be well known based on your horoscope. Your birth chart signifies your mutual relation with people around you.

Venus is an important factor in women’s life.  For example in man’s horoscope Venus is the factor for the wife. Moon is for the mother and Sun is for the father. Mercury helps to determine the relationship with your sister and Mars with your brother. Jupiter in a woman’s horoscope indicates about the husband. Based on these stars one can very ell predict about the relation and the influence both positive and negative post marriage!

The deep study of horoscope will give us the analysis of marital relation.

For example, first house indicates oneself.  The seventh house (7) is for the husband /wife. From the Ascendant the fourth house (4) of horoscope is for the house of mother and from the forth house of horoscope, seventh house is being read for the father. The third house of horoscope gives idea about your brother and the from third house to next seventh house indicates about his (brother’s) wife.

To get idea about your maternal relations it is important to have an idea about the mother’s house. That is when you can know about your relations with your mother’s maiden family.

In short, we would like to explain that we all are human beings and we are social animals. We live in a society with people around us so it is equally very important to consult an astrologer to know our relationship with our friends, in laws and people associated with the family.

Astrology can work wonders in giving direction to your marriage pre-as well post. It is always advisable to consult and experienced astrologer.

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