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Marriage Astrology and Compatibility - Are You Made For A Long-Term or short- term Relationship?

Before getting yourself committed to spending the rest of your valuable life with someone, it is wiser to have a marriage astrology compatibility between you and your partner. Astrology compatibility guides you in two ways: to find out the chances of having a strong relationship with another in the starting states before you get committed to guide you enhance the relationships you have already.

Not all can have a smooth relationship or marriage or a long-term relationship with their partner. In fact, many of us will not. We might have bumps and periods of dryness and euphoria. The object is to lessen the destructive tendencies in a relationship while nurturing the positive aspects.  Friction and conflicts in a relationship cannot be eliminated; though, if known aptly, your relationships become a fertile ground when we start to accept another's faults while exploring areas within ourselves that need to change.

Astrology - what to look in for?

One of the foremost things to consider when it comes to marriage horoscope is the partner's capacity for a relationship. And the best place to begin is to look at how well each of them is assuming their role as a man or a woman in a relationship.  The idea is very simple; the best relationship will be those where the man thinks the masculine role completely and the woman accepts the feminine part in the same manner. When this happens, the relationship unfolds naturally and in a progressive way, enabling both energies to live harmoniously. In such a relationship, much can be mastered both spiritually and worldly.

Of course, life is simply very rare. We come into this world with "trunks" and these past impressions affects how well our roles are being played as men or women. So instead of a man being an ideal man - protective, self - assured, righteous and initiating - he might, at times, express a hesitating tendency, to be unsure of what to do and be unaware of what must be done at the time he has to do it.

Likewise, a woman must be creative, receptive, nurturing and intuitive - she might show dryness, aggression and a desire to control.  For most of us, the energies of masculine and feminine are unbalanced. All of us have these energies within us, but it should be dominant according to the role we are playing. If there is a feminine side with a man, it must be filtered through his masculinity. On the other hand, a woman might express masculine traits, but ideally just as a subordinate to her femininity.

The benefits of marriage prediction

By looking at their marriage astrology, we can find out how well you and your partner may play the role. Whether your relationship last longer or shorter? For a man, his Sun and rising sun must be in masculine signs and his 10th house must be hefty and without affliction. Also, it is best for him to be born during daylight, as this is considered as the masculine time of day.

A woman must have her Moon and rising sign situated in feminine signs. Great value is given to her fourth house, which must be vigor and without affliction. For her, a night birth is best as this is considered as the feminine time of day.

The other aspect to consider when checking marriage prediction is the 7th house, which can show karmic trends etc.

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