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Manglik dosha, a reality or a myth, and remedies.

What is Manglik Dosha?

Mangal dosha or Manglik dosha is one of the most over-hyped Vedic astrological instances amongst Indian society. It is one of the most important criteria before proceeding with a marriage. So much so that even the matrimony advertisers have created a special column for Manglik grooms and brides. It is capable to leave the parents with many sleepless nights. So first, let us understand what is Manglik Dosha and why such huge effect?

Mangal dosha is also known as Kuja dosh and Angaraka dosha.  According to Vedic astrology, Mangal dosha is an astrological situation wherein Mars (Mangal) lands in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of a person’s horoscope chart. A person born is called Manglik, if Mangal or Mars reside in any one of previously mentioned astrological houses. Also, there are two types of Mangal dosha.

         Answer Regarding Mangalik Dosha

  1. Anshik Manglik which means that the person is suffering from minor Mangal dosha. The effects can be demolished with the help of certain rituals such as the Shanti Pooja. 
  2. Major Manglik Dosha which is highly negative and believed to have vital impact on married life. It is also believed that it can lead to the death of the significant other, if not treated. Therefore, is highly recommended to ward-off the ill-effects with the help of ‘Kumbh-Vivah’, the only remedy for major Mangliks.

Characteristics of Mangal Dosha:

  1. Mangal dosha can effect anyone, irrespective of the gender.
  2. Mars is believed to be a fiery planet, which represents traits like ego, self-esteem, high-energy, hot-temperament, etc.
  3. It is also said that a Manglik person might find it difficult to adjust along situations (personal or professional).
  4. Mangliks are believed to highly-energetic beings. Therefore, it is imperative to channelize the energy towards the right direction.
  5. Marital relationship between two Manglik people can negate the ill-effects of Mangal dosha.
  6. It is also believed to have significant effect on marital life, mental well-being and financial status.

Ill-effects of Mangal Dosha according to the respective house:

  1. If Mangal or Mars is in the 1st house, conflict in marriage is predicted.
  2. If Mangal or Mars is in the 2nd house, a person’s marital life as well as professional life is affected.
  3. If Mangal or Mars is in the 4th house, the person has to deal with professional hurdles and failures.
  4. If Mangal or Mars is in the 7th house, excessive energy of the person, makes him/her ill-tempered. Also, resulting in difficulty to maintain cordial relationship with others due to the domineering nature.
  5. If Mangal or Mars is in the 8th house, the person is alienated from paternal property.
  6. If Mangal or Mars is in the 10th house, the person suffers from physiological problems, incurs financial loss, and might as well develop an ill-reputation.

Mangal dosha as described earlier plays a significant role in one’s marriage. Especially if the person is a Manglik; it is advisable that a Manglik boy should only marry a Manglik girl to avoid problems in marital life. Mangal dosha can have adverse effects on a marriage. However, the ill-effects of Mangal dosha depends on various other factors as well. For instance, if one of the person has Mars or Mangal in the ‘Lagna’, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth or the Twelfth House and the other has Saturn or Rahu / Ketu in the ‘Lagna’, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth or the Twelfth House, then too, the effects are cancelled. Also, Mangliks are categorised into two different sections:

  1. Such as:
  2. Unprecedented delay in marriage.
  3. Problems in marital life which may or may not lead to divorce.
  4. Incompatibility amongst partners
  5. Severe case, death of the spouse.
  6. The science of Vedic astrology also provides us with various remedies to negate the repercussions of Manglik Dosha. The ceremonies and mantras must be followed diligently to lead a better life. Here is a list of few remedies.

  7. Marriage of two Manglik people
  8. The first and the simplest remedy is to marry another Manglik person, rather than a Non-Manglik one.

  9. Red coral gemstone
  10. It is advised by astrologers to wear a certified red coral gemstone on a Tuesday, which is believed to ward-off the negative effects of Mangal or Mars.

  11. Fasting
  12. Fasting on Tuesdays is also believed to cure considerable number of bad effects. 

  13. Chanting
  14. Mangliks are advised to chant the ‘Nav graha mantra’ to pacify the wrongly positioned Mangal in one’s horoscope.

  15. Performing prayers
  16. Visiting Navgraha temples, especially on a Tuesday is recommended to help ease the negative effects of Mangal dosha. It is also suggested to offer prayers to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and illuminate a ghee lamp along with vermillion to appease him.

  17. Kumbh Vivah
  18. It is one of the most significant remedies in Vedic astrology for Manglik people. In this remedy, a Manglik is married to a tree to ward-off ill-effects of Mangal dosha before marriage.

  19. Marriage after 28
  20. It is also believed that Mangliks should try and get married after the age of 28 as it helps to lower the effects of Manglik dosha.

  21. Keep orange coloured idol of Lord Ganesha in prayer room and worship daily.
  22. Recite Hanuman Chalisa and Mahamrityunjaya mantra regularly without fail.
  23. Feed birds with sweets and grain.
  24. Worship banyan tree with sweet milk.
  25. Chant Sunder Kand from Tulsi Ramcharitmanas for the period of 40 days beginning Tuesday.
  26. Recite Gayatri Mantra for 108 times in a day during dusk or dawn.
  27. Donate red cloth to the workers who work with sharp iron items

These remedies will help the Manglik person lessen the effects of Manglik dosha. Also, if in a certain marriage one person is Manglik and other one is Non-Manglik, these remedies will minimize the bad effects on the Non-Manglik person. In this way, a Manglik can easily marry a Non-Manglik person.

As we know astrology is a science which depends on the celestial movements of stars and planets. Therefore, it is bound to affect everything in nature. However, Manglik dosha is mainly connected to religion rather than astrology and is popular amongst Hindus. There is truth in the ill-effects of Manglik dosha. However, certain under educated astrologers have created more fuss about it in order to gain financial benefits. Although, this is un-ethical and practices by a handful of astrologers. It is however, quite prevalent amongst Hindus and taken very seriously. Read more to know about the various myths that keep doing the rounds amongst people.

1. Myth: Born on Tuesday

Many people misinterpret that a person born on Tuesday becomes automatically Manglik, wich is absolutely false.

2. Myth: The marriage will end in a divorce.

A marriage is definitely influenced by celestial movements. However, what truly makes a marriage work is the compatibility among two people. Therefore, it’s wrong to believe that Mangliks cannot have happy and successful marital lives.
3. Myth: You can be a double, triple or quadrant Manglik.

There are no such things to distinguish Mangliks in Vedic astrology. There are only two kinds. Anshik (slightly) Manglik and Sampuurn (completely) Manglik.
4. Myth: A manglik should not marry a non-manglik person

It is absolutely false, with so many remedies any manglik can marry another non-manglik person. And, also have a happy and prosperous life.

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