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Manglik and Non- Manglik issue is also related to the energies- mismatch of two people, Let’s dig deeper

manglik dosh

As per the Vedic astrology, each and every part of the body is associated with planets. These planets define each and every movement of a person in daily life. In fact, it also defines the personality, feeling, emotions, and aggressiveness, illness, behavior, energy, and likes or dislikes, love life, marriage, relationship, family life, wealth, career, and so on. Astrology is itself a science of human behavior, present, and future.

Here Mars is the planet for mangal dosha case of marriage but very beneficial if we talk about the career, business, and growth. It is also called as Mangal in Hindi. This is the planet that lights the fire under our passion, and propel us like the burning rocket towards our goal. This is the reason we pursue our goals with energy. Actually, this is the planet related to energy and utilizing this energy in either positive or negative direction is our choice. Means, we must consider our actions before taking it.

Effect of Mangal in person’s life

Mars results in various ways in person’s life and provides jobs which have power and authority, means it is the energy of mars that helps people deal with the work that requires energy like making weapons, being a police officer, army officer, an engineer and so on. However, when a native’s chart shows mangal effect in the 1st house, and 7th house then the native is suffered from Mangal dosh and it will hinder him/her in marriage.

Moreover, if the mars rules in 3rd house of the horoscope chart then the person will be courageous and confident, if the mars reside in the2nd and 4th house of the horoscope chart then the native will be harsh and bitter and will use abusive language. In 5th and 6th house, the native will be full of confidence, if the planet Mars is present in the 8th house of the horoscope chart then the native will have problem with spouse, he/she will have dispute in family due to lack of understanding. The placement of this planet in 9th house gives attractive and unique personality. The native will be wealthy if the mars reside in 10th house of the birth chart.

Effect of mars on Marriage

As stated above that, the people with mangal dosh will have trouble in getting married or may face trouble after marriage. The manglik girl or boy should marry the manglik boy or girl. Being a maglik, a person is energetic, have stamina, defense and action similar to the person if someone have same qualities but these kind of people are intolerant to insult and injustice. The person may be provoked at some extent that he/she may take physical action in the fight. This is good when both are manglik, in this case both people are equally dominating to each other and may help each other calm their anger.

Then again, if one is manglik and another is non-manglik in pair then the couple may face physical violence, abusive language, harsh behavior, etc. these marriages are often depend on compromise.  

Not in marriage but also in friendship, physical relationship, communication, and actions, they face differences. Mars people have high self-respect, physically active, and energetic, hence they show passion in every field of life. They easily get excited and angry.  People opposite to Mars people need to cope with the same energy level, they need to be true in friendship because Mars people are very fair in their relationship. The things are either black and white for them especially when talking about truth and justice. All these attribute of the Mars people is good but sometimes can be harmful where they need broad-mindedness and adjustment in relationship.