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Kundali Matching Truth Test - How does it ensure happy marriage

Kundali matching is not a new-age thing. It’s a part of Indian matrimonial scene since hundreds of years. Is there any need to doubt or change something which has proven its effectiveness over decades? Modern life is about making smart choices and we believe kundali matching will help you make the best choice when it comes to marriage.

Kundali matching is when two horoscopes are matched together to test the overall compatibility for partnership in marriage. It uses many Vedic principles.

Can it tell you best time for marriage? Yes!

  • Timing can be predicted –whether early or delayed by checking the 7th house, 7th lord, Moon and Venus who come into the picture for marriage related predictions in both horoscope.
  • Transit of Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mercury provide exact marriage timing.
  • If any malefic planet influences the prime planets in any way, it can cause adverse effects like cancellation of the marriage.

Does it ensure Happy Marriage? Most definitely!

In astrology Ashtakoot guna milan is done to test the compatibility at all levels for the partners.

  • Kundali Matching produces a sort of report card that tests a pair’s compatibility in eight subjects. This is called guna milan. At least 18 of the 36 gunas should match in order for good compatibility.  If the matching gunas are below 18, then they are said to be poorly matched.
  • No compatibility can be as complete as guna milan. It looks at all the below angles for compatibility to give a 360-degree view of the relationship
  • Society class
  • Futuristic approach
  • Mentality and mutuality
  • Health
  • Mutual attraction
  • Sexual life
  • Behaviour
  • Pregnancy and child

Can it tell about your spouse’s character? Quite accurately!

Some of the curiosity factors are knowing in advance about spouse’s looks or profession. Astrology can satisfy that also:

  • Bonding prediction: There is very good emotional bonding and spouses are sensitive and caring, If Jupiter or Venus is in Cancer rashi.
  • Looks prediction: When Venus is placed in the 7th house of the horoscope, there is high chance that the wife will be extremely beautiful
  • Future security prediction: The formation of strong yogas such as Rajyoga and Dhanyoga present indicate that husband or wife will be rich.

Can it tell about quality of marriage? Beyond a doubt!

  • Important aspects like 7th house, its lord and Navamsa are deeply studied while doing a horoscope match. Strong and auspicious planets in 7th house signify that marriage is naturally strong
  • In the case of Sun’s placement of both groom and bride, if their relative position is favourable then it will lead to strong friendship between bride and groom and high quality marriage

Can it save you from divorce and marital problems? Absolutely!

  • The usual problems could be due to the influence of malefic planets, pitru dosh, an influence of shani, rahu etc who may cause obstacles.
  • The position of Guru in the charts is also important and has to be analysed.
  • Some of the common doshas observed are Nadi, Bhakoot or Koot Milan Doshas 
  • Mangal dosha is a common dosha, and there are several remedies for the same in marriage astrology.

Can it guarantee happiness from children? Surely!

  • The planets influencing the 5th house, if they are auspicious, strong and well-placed can surely promise early childbirth. The favorable transit of Jupiter can become a karaka or significator for childbirth.
  • Kaal Sarp doshas (when all seven planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu), etc., need to be carefully studied to ensure happy alliance and successful marriage with children.

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