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career astrology

hat each houses in the Kundali Chart tells about the career

When will I get job astrology? With the beginning of 2018, you might be thinking about your career. After an age, everyone bothers about work or profession. With astrology, one can make a difference in thinking, attitude and eventually life.

Basis of prediction

Astrology is a subject which can answer any interrogation. With it, people can take out their Career report, their marriage date etc. Indian astrology is supposed to give the career report in a different way.  Based on date of birth, place, time etc one can ascertain picture of career i.e. career report. Indian astrology consists of an astrology calculator which is the basis for all calculations. It holds a relationship between planets and events.  

The respective house

Astrologers predict our career by doing some necessary study. For this, they study only 3 important indicators. The planet Saturn is the first factor. Birthdate, time, locations are the second factors. And the 10th house is the third factor. In Indian astrology, these factors are fundamental to predict career or professional life. The 10th is the house of the lord. Based on these factors the career report of a person is prepared. Some astrologers prefer career prediction by date of birth.

They find it more fruitful. This is common in Indian astrology. Career prediction through the date of birth requires Career Compatibility Test. They have to be answered or solved. It determines to determine how successful one will be in his chosen career. It also provides solutions exactly required for a strong financial life.

Lagna and Lagnesh

As in Western astrology, the 10th house and its lord are studied to assess career influences. It is assumed that the 10th house is most closely connected with the career. But there exists a contradiction as well. The 10th house may not necessarily dictate the direction of career; it may express its style. In Vedic astrology, assessing career depends upon the influences of key houses and planets. One assesses career by blending different planets.

The first house or Lagna is the most important house. The first house shows the person as a whole.  If only one house to be analyzed then this would be it. The first house ruler is lagnesh which is also important. Next astrologers examine the condition of the luminaries, the Sun and Moon. It is because they are fundamental to the personality. They also represent career.

Career on the basis of planets

In Vedic astrology sometimes the best house, the best sign, and the best planet are analyzed. The planet Sun is known for authority, politicians, scientists etc. Moon represents nursing, the public, women, children etc. Mars shows fire, energy, metals, initiative etc. Mercury is responsible for intellect, writing, teaching etc. Jupiter is known to express finance, law, treasury, scholars etc.

Venus shows pleasures, luxuries, beauty, art, music etc. Saturn represents agriculture, building trade etc. Rahu is responsible for researchers, engineers, physicians etc. Ketu should be strong idealism, enlightenment, religion etc. Uranus is the planet for scientists, inventors etc. Neptune shows photographers, movies etc.

                           Based on these excerpts one determines the status of professional life.

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