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It has been quite some time I am not able to find right partner, my marriage is being delayed. What can be the various factors

When you are meeting lots of people but still not able to find the true love, this situation arises in many people live. This is very common thing when you do not feel attached to the person you are meeting. Finding the right partner is very tough these days because people use brain not their heart. Have you heard about the relationship where a boy and a girl are together from 3 to 4 years but they don’t love each other. Yes, these relations are the result of your planetary motion.
Hence, it can be possible after meeting various people you are not able to find right partner. In astrology, Venus is the planet for love and relationship, when love blooms in your life you will definitely find the right partner and with the help of the 7th house your marriage can be possible.

How planets will help in finding right partner?

Do you know the fact that all over your life is handled by the planets your emotions, feelings, love, relationship, health, career, and other things. Therefore, it is obvious when right time will come, you will definitely find your life partner. However, here the matter is finding right partner…. Let me tell you when you feel that this person is right and can become your life partner then must match your kundali with that person so that you will get the perfect result. Means, matching kundali will assure you of social compatibility, mental compatibility, future life peace, financial status, and kids.

Why there is delay in marriage?

Above, it has been discussed about finding the right partner but sometimes people are in love from 7 years but they do not get favorable time for marriage. This is serious issue because not finding the correct partner is one thing but delay in marriage is crucial thing. When you will find the right partner then why there is delay? Here is simple solution, when the planets are not in favor of your marriage then no matter how much time you spend in a relationship you will not get married soon.

Seventh house in the horoscope chart is karak  for marriage in everybody’s life but any malefic planet present in that house then it will cause hindrance or delay in marriage. Moreover, Jupiter is the guru means blessing in anyone’s life, means each thing from prosperity to childbirth you will need guru’s blessing. Hence must seek an astrologer’s consultation for correction of the planets.

Remedies for early marriage  

Here are the simple remedies for early marriage:

  • Offer green grass to the Cow

  • Get an old lock from the house and rotate it around your head in clockwise direction then throw it at any crossing and move from there without looking back at the lock.

  • If a girl and boy reads the versas of lord Shiva and Parvati’s marriage in Balkhand of Ramcharitmanas everyday then their wish of getting married will fulfill soon

  • A girl or a boy of age of marriage can pour fresh water on the Shivlings and chant Om namah Shivay after placing 108 flowers to the lord. This ritual should be done on every 7 consecutive Friday.

  • You can also offer suhag things including bangles, sindoor, red chunni, and other things in Shiv and Parvati temple

  • Planting the pomegranate and banana plant at any worship place will help in early marriage.

  • To get marriage early, a girl can keep fast on 16 consecutive Monday on Savan and pray to Lord Shiva. This day dress like goddess parati and tie a knot between lord Shiva and Parvati.

  • On Thursdays, keep kalingi at the Vishnu temple with sweets.

  • Keep rabbit as pet in the house and feed them with hand

  • Whenever going to any marriage function of others, a boy or girl should put mehandi on their hand that is ment for bride and groom.

  • Whenever marriage breaks after its finalization or talk never reach to the final result then put shoes at that time on the feet so that marriage talk go on without break.

  • Wear new clothes marriage talk

  • If you are getting very less proposals for marriage then wear yellow clothes on Thursday and white clothes on Friday. Repeat this process for 4 weeks and you will soon get the marriage proposal very soon.

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