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In Love but Kundali’s don’t Match – How to Take a Decision

They say marriages are made in heavan but when the kundalis of your partner and you don’t match, life can become a living hell. For most people in love, the prospect of matching kundalis seems meaningless, as they have anyway decided to live their life with each other. The feelings of mutual attraction and happiness with each other are so strong that they feel kundali matching is a great obstacle in their union.

Trying to convince their parents becomes an additional stress and they are forced to take an impulsive decision

Take a moment to think about this question. Let’s say your kundali did not match at all, and you went ahead and got married anyway, do you want to come to a point in your life, where you regretted that decision?

Here are 4 points to consider before you go ahead with a bad match as per astrology

1. Financial Stability

When we are in love and infatuated with someone, all their qualities seem very appealing. Financial stability is critical, as we need money to fulfill our desires in life. There is no material happiness without adequate amount of money. Does your partner have the desire and capacity to make money so that you both can have a worry-free life? Having a decent bank-balance means a stress-free life. You can then enjoy all the pleasures of life such as travel, hobbies, entertainments, material desires and also giving back to society. A life with less money than you are used to, feels like a mistake very soon.

2. Parentage & Upbringing

Parents in Indian society, put in a lot of efforts to bring up their children with a very good value system. Pay attention to how your partner treats women, aged people, poor people, waiters etc

Does he or she show respect, compassion, and treat them just as you would do? These may seem very trivial issues but they give a clear sign of his or her value system.

Some parents spoil their children with too much love and money. Other parents may have given them a traumatic childhood because of which they may have developed many psychological scars. They may have strong rage, fear, or some addictions as a result of it.

Does your partner have the ability to change, better themselves and desire to improve and learn from others to become a success in life? If not, and if they have some undesirable qualities, chances are those will become a big pain and ruin happiness in the long run.


One needs to be educated enough to get decent jobs and grow in their professional life. There may be severe ego clashes in a marriage if educational levels are very far apart. The level of understanding and communication with each other also becomes frustrating. Does your partner have a complex about his or her educational level? That’s a sign that there could be trouble due to this issue.

A cultured personality is more important than having a long list of educational degrees. A person with love, humility and discipline becomes a success even if they are not highly educated. Does your partner have these strong qualities, if they lack in education? Then the chances of ego clashes are reduced, otherwise not.

4.Religious beliefs

There are many inter-religious and inter-caste marriages that are successful today. However, getting into such a marriage would mean giving up an identity that you have been born with and considered natural all your life. Although it seems very unimportant when you are in love, it is an issue that will colour every day and every important event in your life – whether it is following traditions and customs, celebrating festivals, going to religious places, having children, naming them and deciding their identity, you would be forced to take decisions that you and your partner have to clearly agree upon. If your partner cannot accept you as you are, and is forcing you to convert to his or her religion, that also is a warning sign. It means a lifetime of compromise for you.

Are you ready to lose your individual identity and beliefs or keep on compromising on them to achieve a peaceful life with your partner?

Do pay careful attention to these questions. Kundali matching is a way of predicting the future of your married life and one needs to take precaution and practical decisions as these have lifetime impact.

In summary, do remember that astrology is an ancient science of accurate calculations created by sages who were in sync with the Supreme Being.  To make or mar destiny finally is one’s own hands, but let us use the gift of astrology to take timely precautions, and make the best destiny we can.

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