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Astrology can predict your health issues even before they occur.

Health. An universal desire of human beings.

No matter how wealthy or powerful one is, health, after all, is the most precious thing. Health is not simply a matter of absence of illness. Health means constant challenge.

We have seen that illness both mental as well physical has become one of the most basic sufferings that human beings experience in today’s time.

In seeking to free people from this suffering - Jyotish Vidya or Astrology has always played an important role. Using Hindu Vedic Methodology we are able to predict the relation between the mind and body. To let you know that planetary positions can also influence health conditions to a great extent.

What is Health Prediction?

Health forecast is a preview of what you can expect in your personal health realm, plus advice on how to feel and look your best based on your horoscope or kundali .

Planetary positions greatly talks about your overall health mental as well physical . So it is absolutely vital to know more about them and how these stars may influence your everyday life and well-being.

        Why sudden health issues i am facing?

Under our health prediction we help you to answer all your questions . 

Will there be any diseases? Will I ever have any surgery, if yes what kind or type ?

What time should I consider for any treatment ?

Which to choose for treatment- homeopathic medicine or allopathic medicine ?

Will I be prone to accidents, depressions, if so, timings of the disease or recovery period .

Why am I falling sick repeatedly ? OR

Why any member in your family whether your husband , children , wife or parents are prone to illness?

Our Health forecast gives you the exact predictions and solutions to find your own rhythm , and strengthen your life force.

How does the forecast works?

Based on your birth chart or horoscope and using the vedic methodology we try to explain and give you the prediction of your health which is commonly known as medical astrology or vedic medical astrology .

In Vedic health forecast we explain you how the planets in various position determines the nature of your health. There is a link between your planets and house with your body parts.

Each house and each planets corresponds to particular part of the body. Below is for your reference.


SECOND HOUSE - Throat and neck

THIRD HOUSE - Arms, hands, lungs, nerves

FOURTH HOUSE - Stomach, breasts, thorax

FIFTH HOUSE - Heart, spine and back

SIXTH HOUSE - Intestines, digestion


EIGHTH HOUSE - Colon, sex organs, lower back

NINTH HOUSE - Hips, thighs

TENTH HOUSE - Skin, knees, bones

ELEVENTH HOUSE - Circulation, blood, legs

TWELFTH HOUSE – Feet, left eye, sleep

The Astrological chart reveals our mind patterns, emotional pattern and our past of karmic conditions. It talks about our karma and how our sufferings in life are associated with it. The position of our houses, and aspects, reveal where we meet most of life’s specific
problems, illness, pains and frustrations.

Example: Saturn (Shani) predicts our difficult times or karma into focus. Mars( Mangal) the red planet will reveal the blood , muscles or bile of our body .

At “Akashvaani “Our experienced and renowned Astrologers will study your kundali in depth . They will guide you through the health forecast by not only explaining the planetary positions but also making you learn the karmic connection one has with regard to health which is commonly known as “health karma” They would guide you to understand this journey and suggest remedies to break this karmic chain.

We prepare an exclusive personalise health report with all the possible aspects related to your health .This includes our unique remedial measures to solve your health related problems. Our remedies are completely safe , useful and beneficial that gives you the energy and spirit to move forward with confidence.

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