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Importance of Health Astrology Predictions in Life

Astrology is a Vedic science which has its roots in Vedas. It is considered to be the scientific study of celestial bodies and their movements. Therefore, astrology is deemed to be quite accurate. According to astrology, all the heavenly bodies in the universe have an impact on our lives. They rule our lives for good and bad, combined with our karmic actions.

Astrology can predict a person’s social and personal life. An astrologer can foresee a newborn baby’s entire life just by calculating the time and place of birth of that child. It is said to have the capability to predict future events such as studies, career, marriage, health, financial stability and much more. Astrology predictions are a reflection of our past and a mirror image of our present and future.

Health is one such important aspect which highly dictates our life. The famous quote “Health is Wealth”, is truly meaningful in every possible way. Therefore, a good health is something which everyone aspires. With good health, one can shape up their life in the best way possible. The absence of good health can cause stress and mental & physical breakdown. Good health can be compromised due to various external and internal factors. In such instances, medical astrology comes to play. It assists in predicting the past, present and future of a person’s health condition.

Health astrology by date of birth helps the astrologer foresee the various health changes and different medical problems that the native may have to deal with throughout their life. The timely prediction and knowledge about the various health problems can assist the person to take preventive measures. Medical astrology predictions also offer suggestions for lifestyle changes best suited to the person.

According to health astrology, there are various astrological factors that determine our health and longevity. In astrology, health consists of 12 houses, each house being part of the KAAL purush. For instance, 1st house indicates the mind, personality and face of the person. 2nd house indicates voice, 3rd house arms & chest and so one.

The strength of the ruler of the house governs one’s degree of vitality and robustness of health. The 6th, 8th and 12th house in a horoscope also plays a major role to determine the health of a person. Bad effects of malefic planets such as Rahu and Ketu may create undesirable health problems.

For example, the sun is known to bring health, energy and prosperity of health to the native, therefore it must hold a very strong position in one’s horoscope. Moon is another celestial body which reflects one’s mind and mental health. Therefore, it must be strong as well to lead one towards making better judgement and help in clear thinking, keeping psychological stability. In a similar way, benefic and malefic planets decide the state of health of a person.

Let’s see what are the different body parts and diseases represented by these 12 houses in a horoscope.

1.    First house represents vitality, face structure, appearance and complexion, brain, longevity, and total health.

2.    Second house represents eye, throat, neck, gums, mouth, teeth, larynx, fingers, nails etc.

3.    Third house signifies shoulder, arms and hands, body growth, ears and nerves.

4.    Fourth house symbolises elbow joint, chest, breasts, lung, stomach, etc.

5.    Fifth house represents the heart, spine, liver, spleen, etc.

6.    Sixth house stands for the digestive system, navel, large intestine, kidney, colon, uterus and anus.

7.    Seventh house signifies genital parts, glands, buttocks, lower back, renal system, adrenals, etc.

8.    Eighth house symbolises pelvis, scrotum, seminal vesicles, ovaries, prostate glands, blood, etc.

9.    Ninth house signifies thighs and limbs.

10.  Tenth house represents knees, bones and flesh, patella, popliteal fossae.

11.  Eleventh house symbolises breathing, legs in general, left ear.

12.  Twelfth house represents feet and blood, left eye.

Therefore, now we can assume that the combination of planetary position and nakshatra can have a bad effect on any of these houses and lead to various kinds of diseases.

Medical astrology also offers remedies to help the patient get well soon. For instance, it states that the bearer of a disease should pay gratitude and chant the name of ‘Isht Devta’ first whenever there’s certainty of a disease. One can also chant mantras related to the specific planet which has affected the health to appease the plants and ward-off ill-effects. Donating things related to the planet and observing fast is also considered as beneficial astrological remedies.

Any person who suffers from any disease should recite ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and ‘Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra’ without fail. In severe cases, when it’s not possible to do so, a close relative of that person should do it on his/her behalf. There are also various yajnas performed as a remedial measure to curb down the malefic effects of certain planets.

Following these remedies will help the patient feel better and he/she may even go through a speedy recovery.

As we know now, medical astrology and health prediction by date of birth is an important branch in astrology. It helps the native to get a clear picture of the various health problems that might be underway. As health astrology is a detailed calculation of the planetary positions and nakshatras, according to one’s date of birth, there is a very high probability of these predictions to be accurate.

Medical astrology also offers remedies that help the native to overcome certain health problems. As it has a scientific approach, it also suggests lifestyle changes to cope up and avoid these difficulties. In a nutshell, medical astrology plays a vital role in predicting a native’s health condition and provides great insights about the diseases, illness, afflictions and ailments that one may suffer from.

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