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I don't want to get married. Can I remain single whole my life? Can astrology help me in choosing this

Marriage is not meant for everyone, the lifelong idea to commit someone is not what everyone is looking for. The modern world has taught many people to become self-sufficient.

As opposed to the olden days, when marriage felt like a compulsion, many people choose to stay single forever. Astrology has helped to make marriage prediction for many. But there are few people who are meant to be single who life as per astrology.

Every zodiac sign has their own reasons to be single. Let's see what will be the reason for all the zodiac signs to remain single throughout the life.

  1. Aries: As per your marriage astrology, you are so busy with your work that you don't find time to meet someone. Your work is your first priority and relationships takes a back seat for you.

  2. Taurus: A Taurus is known for its stubbornness, which shows in your idea of marriage too. You have a checklist of high standards to find your partner, and if it does not fit into your box then you like to be single forever.

  3. Gemini: As per the marriage horoscope of a Gemini, you always feel young within your heart, no matter what your age is. You want to enjoy your life and are never ready to settle down for something serious.

  4. Cancer: Cancers are the most emotional in the entire zodiac. If they are heartbroken once, it takes a lot of time for them to get over it. For a Cancerian, this becomes a motivation to remain single entire life to prevent their hearts to be broken again.

  5. Leo: As per marriage astrology, Leos are known for their charm and can easily win over anyone. Leos remains to be single all through their lives because they always seek some drama around them but in real life this is not the case.

  6. Virgos: A virgo has expectations of high standards they set for their partners is too high. If they don't find someone as per their expectations then Virgos are found spending their life being single.

  7. Libra: Libras are said to be romantic in all of the zodiacs. But deep down they don't believe that they deserve to be loved or be able to find that true love. Librans of incapability of finding true love keeps them single all through their life.

  8. Scorpio: If you need to make a marriage prediction for a Scorpio, you get to see their pessimistic nature towards relationships and marriages. Scorpions think that relationships are not designed to be perfect and they build up negative thoughts around them. This negativity of their thoughts is what keeps them single all through their lives.

  9. Sagittarius: Sagittarius likes to solve mysteries. They think if they tend to know someone completely, they might stop loving someone and the passion will wear off.

  10. Capricorn: In the marriage horoscope of a Capricorn, one can see that they are always busy with their work. Their main priority is work and this is where they find the excuse to stay away from relationships, which can lead to life a single life.

  11. Aquarius: Aquarians are sociable in nature but loves to be along too. They are not the ones who are deeply emotional, thus, they may lack the basic understanding of human emotions. To stay away from the emotional issues, they may choose to stay single forever.

  12. Pisces: Pisces is the most selfless sun sign in all 12 zodiac signs. Their fear t be taken advantage of their kindness scares them. A Pisces may choose to stay single if they are not able to find someone trustworthy.

Leading a single life is a challenging choice for many people. But those who are comfortable with the idea staying single won't have may enjoy their way.

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