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I don’t want to get married, I am happy single. Does astrology explain reasons for it?

The holy matrimony is one of the most awaited life moments for everyone. For some, the wait is short while for some it will be a very long depending on several circumstantial factors. Sometimes this wait drives people into a corner and makes detest the marriage ceremony and married life. Though it may seem to be a psychological factor that has affected the person and made them choose to be single, it can still be explained by other reasons like Astrology. The current day’s astrological science is so advanced that it is now possible to predict the outcome and moods of the people that are yet to happen and it is more accurate than how it was in the olden days.

Astrological reasons

1. People with a certain birth star or astrological elements are compatible and easily attracted to others with an appropriate element in their horoscope. Hence finding the perfect match can be a very difficult task and later comes the tough part of knowing each other.

2. There are certain preloaded qualities in you which are determined by your birth. And these data can be found on your astrological chart. Some celebrate being independent and some expect a co-dependent relationship to happen. These reactions to the real-life situations and expectations can be determined by your horoscope chart.

3. Your astrological archetype can speak a lot when it comes to marriage prediction. The best way to determine the problems that are preventing your marriage or making you detest them is by diagnosing your archetype. There are a total of 5 archetypes which can make want to be single. Diagnosing them correctly and attending to them with an appropriate approach can open the gates for a new beginning.

4. Knowing your archetype and astrological details will give an insight of what is actually happening to your love life and an astrologer will be able to guide you to overcome it. This is the reason why most of the parents seek the help of a marriage astrologer after their child crosses a certain age limit.

5. A coaching or training obtained after analyzing your marriage horoscope in order to overcome the obstacles and problems, will actually help you fast forward your life and makes your search a lot shorter than it should be.

The Missing Component

A good astrologer will make you see the missing component of your archetype which is actually the one quality that you need to begin your love life and help you attain it. This is determined based on your planets, stars and other intricate elements and a counter method is devised knowing which star or horoscope combination will be attracted them. This is all possible based on the fact or belief that a horoscope is capable of determining a person’s character and what he will evolve into, in the future.

Growing your communication skills and dating skills will not help you find your soul mate. It is innate qualities that can only be invoked only after attaining a certain connection. Hence having the right information about what you need and what you lack will be capable of turning tables in your life. It is okay to be single but you should also be able to welcome the changes that will present themselves in the future.

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