I am Female and I Don't Want to Get Married, But I am Still Confuse to Take This Decision, Can Astrology Guide Me.

I am Female and I Don't Want to Get Married, But I am Still Confuse to Take This Decision, Can Astrology Guide Me.

In our traditional Indian society, parents want to see the child married around a certain age. Today, girls are highly qualified and have jobs at very high positions. Mostly, we hear from females that they are not interested in marriage. But, is it true in all cases?

We have to study the planets and various Houses in the marriage prediction of the female to see if marriage yog is present in the horoscope of the female or not.

The main House to be studied is the 7th House and the planet Saturn and Venus.

Let’s have a look at some combinations which show denial of marriage in the marriage horoscope of the female.

There could be denial of marriage when there is a strong malefic influence by planets to 7th House,7th Lord, Venus, Jupiter, 2nd House and the 2nd Lord

Malefic planetary influence

  1. Combination of Venus with Saturn and Mars and is placed in 7th house from Moon
  2. If Saturn is positioned in the 7th House from the Moon and ifSaturn is afflicted and the Moon is conjoined in the 7th house of Marriage and there is no influence of any beneficial planet, there are no chances of marriage
  3. A malefic planet is placed in the 7th House from Venus
  4. If Saturn is found in Scorpio and in aspect with the Moon, there are no indications of marriage.
  5. Position of Moon-Mars-Ketu (dragon tail) in a line in a horoscope without any planets in between shows extreme delayed or denial of marriage
  6. In a female horoscope, if Sun or Jupiter are situated in Capricornand Saturn is aspect from inauspicious House it will deny married life
  7. Moon situated in the 5th House and 2 malefic planets in the 7th and 12th House are a cause for marriage denial.
  8. Position of Rahu in 7th House and in aspect or conjoined with two malefic planets indicates no marriage.Venus and Mercury in 7th House and influenced only by malefic planets and no beneficial planets shows denial of marriage
  9. Also, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in 7th House or if Saturn is combined with Venus or Mercury in 7th House, is indication of no marriage
  10. A person will not marry if Rahu is badly afflicted and positioned in the 9th House
  11. If a malefic planet is the 7th Lord and a Moon that is badly afflicted combines with some other malefic planet that is situated in the 7th House, it is an indicator of denied marriage in the horoscope.
  12. All malefic planets lie in Lagna,7th House and 12th House and afflicted Moon in the 5th House shows signs of no marriage of the individual

Important factors causing denial to marriage

  1. A combination of Sun and Venus in 5th,7th or 9th House
  2. Weak Sun, Moon or Venus and combined or in aspect with Saturn
  3. The Lord of 7th House is placed in 6th,8th or 12th House or in inimical sign with no association of beneficial planets and the Lord of the 7th House also happens to be Lord of 6th,8th and 12th House (inauspicious Houses)
  4. Combination of the ascendant and 7th Lord in an inauspicious house, indicates no marriage for the individual
  5. Combination of Mars and Venus in the 5th, 7th or 9th Houses is one of the cause for denial of marriage
  6. Moon and Venus in one House and Saturn and Mars position is in the 7th House from that House, there are minimum chances of marriage
  7. The lagna Lord and the 7th Lord are in the fixed signs whereas the Moon is in moveable sign is indicative of delayed or denial of marriage


Also, to look at No marriage Yog in astrology we have to study the Birth chart as well as the Navamsa chart as it is the chart for marriages and ignoring this chart may not give you appropriate results. To know more about marriage horoscope and to find out if marriage is on the cards, feel free to consult our expert astrologers on our website for more details.

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