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I am confuse regarding which area of education will be more suitable for me. Can astrology help me in taking this decision?

Our ancient sages said “Knowledge is everything” it will help in every aspect of life. Education is the root of life and it shapes the future of an individual. However, the meaning of education in present time is different than the previous time. Earlier people used to gain knowledge for betterment of the society but now they tries to get education in which they get good salary package job.

Now a days, it is still tough which education sector to choose so that a student get success afterwards. There are many options are available in the market and choosing these options only dependent on your choice and interest. Sometimes people get confused because they want to choose engineering but their parents want them to go for medical, or student’s mind is not clear what to choose for future education.

Astrology for education

In our Vedic astrology, Jupiter plant or Guru is karak for knowledge and education in human life. When guru is placed in the trikona or center with lord of fifth house, it provides the beneficial result with respect to education. Mercury is the symbol of courage and intelligence. Hence, along with the Jupiter, it also be placed in the horoscope for education achievement. This whole mechanism come sunder the education astrology. It tells the nature of an individual and suggest which education sector will be beneficial for him/her.

Different houses and their significance in education

In order to determine the area of study, an astrologer also consult the second house that is related to the child’s primary education. But the main house for education is 5th house. There are other houses that demotes the different sectors of education. Always seek an astrological consult before deciding your education if you are not sure.

When there is Saraswati and Buddhaditys yog in the horoscope then it involves the planetary combinations of Sun, Venus, and Mercury and their good placement in the horoscope, then this involves the education in the field of music, painting, dance, and tourism means in artistic filed due to Venus.

  • If Mars is benefic in the birth chart, the education filed would be engineer, surgeon, and doctor.

  • The combination of Mars, Rahu, Moon, and Saturn gives the medical and engineering education. Electrical field is denoted by the Venus and Mars. Ketu represents the electronic media

  • Saturn denoted the earth hence, the education in the field of mining and petroleum.

  • If the 5th house is linked with the 9th house then an individual will have education in foreign land.

  • Strong Mercury, Venus, and Rahu suggests the aesthetical education that includes the director, actors, music, dance etc.

If the Mars and Mercury is present in the benefic position in the fifth house then the native have higher qualification. However, if any malefic planet is present in the 5th house, the house of education then the native will never have a higher education.

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