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Husband-wife: Money causing problem. How astrology can explain this

marriage astrology

Financial stability is very important to lead a happy married life. Parents in India check horoscope match of both boy and girl. If you can find a good astrologer who makes marriage prediction, you can check the match. When they check it, they look for every match like financial, mental, physical and many other stabilities. If they match well, he will suggest you proceed with the marriage.

If the horoscope doesn’t match, then married life will not be happy. Many problems like an incompatibility between couples, financial problems, health problems etc. may happen. So, consult a good astrologer who specialized in marriage astrology. Besides your courage and skills, there are some astrological factors that control your financial stability. You can get help from astrology to gain financial stability and gain in your life.

      Know about your financial status after marriage?

Astrological reasons for financial instability

In your birth chart main houses that affect your financial stability and success in your future are 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th. The main planets that affect are Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn. You need positive effects from all these planets to get a stable life.

2nd house of birth chart represents financial profit and business success of an individual. The 3rd house stands for bravery and critical judgement. The 5th house represents quick wealth and bonus from family. The 7th house represents the stability of partnership, financial investment and wealth from your marriage. The 9th house represents luck after marriage. The 10th house represents job and income from it. The 11th house represents the house of good fortune, wealth and happiness.

If an auspicious and powerful planet is placed in the 2nd house and the lord of 2nd house is well placed, then it means couples will accumulate wealth, and they will be financially strong. If the 2nd house is occupied by the malefic planet and lord of 2nd house is not well occupied, then negative effects will happen. It may lead to financial problems and other complications. Even though everything is ok and 11th house lord is not occupied well, then you will lose your money after marriage or will not get financial freedom.

If the lord of 7th house is well disposed, you will get financial gain from your wife. That means if it is in a male horoscope he will get a working wife. The same result occurs if the lord of 7th house is well placed or Venus in 3rd, 5th or 10th house. This is also very important when it comes to happy married life.

If the lord of 7th house and the 11th house comes in the union and 2nd house is devoid of any malefic planet the result will be a financial gain after marriage. The disposition of 7th and the 2nd house should be potent in Lagna and Navamsa division

If the lord of 2nd house, 7th house is in union with the 11th house and lord of 11th house is well placed the couples will get family wealth through marriage. Even lord of 7th house and 11th house will also help you to gain money through marriage.

If the 2nd house lord is in the 7th house, one can become rich after marriage. They will get money through marriage or after marriage. As the 7th house is very important, that affects marriage, spouse etc. its position is very important.


All of them are some important combinations of planet needed to get good financial stability. Some other combinations also help to give you a financially strong life. So, it is better to analyze marriage horoscopes to secure your future. A well-experienced astrologer can analyze your problems and find a solution for it. The solutions should be provided only after analyzing horoscope in detail. So, don’t go to any un experienced astrologer. You can wear gemstones that help to attract money. As Goddess Laxmi responsible for your wealth you can worship Laxmi Devi for more wealth.

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