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How Would Be My Future Husband Through Astrology Kundli Reading

No matter what we may feel or believe every person wants to know how his or her spouse will be both physically and mentally.

Questions related to spouse are the most common questions asked at the time of astrology consultation. How would be my future husband –Physical appearance, mentally and how will be the chemistry?

Most of the client has this question and based on a deep study of the horoscope / kundali one can very well know the details about the future partner.

Let us know in detail through the concept of astrology.

As per Vedic astrology our stars, zodiacs and planets tells lot about us. It explains our character, behaviour, nature, qualities. It also depicts our appearance, facial features, body structure and the mental level. Based on our Kundali astrologers can very well predict about your spouse.

Similarly all planets have different and unique traits with a long list of qualities both negative and positive. These traits get imparted to human being based on their planetary positions. For example ‘Leo’ symbol is the Lion, ruling planet is Sun, ruling house is fifth it is the natural leader of the zodiacs, bold, intelligent, fire sign, courageous and warm.
Questions related to Future spouse - Ask Now
This method requires lot of deep knowledge and understanding on Vedic deities ruled by different Nakshatras where the moon is placed in the natal chart and also need to see the position of 7th Lord.

In Vedic astrology 7th house is the house of partnership and marriage is the most important partnership of one’s life. 7th house in kundali and life partner has a close connection. In case Kundali doesn’t have the 7th house then we must look deep into 7th lord and study all the other Nakshatra in context to 7th house to understand the married life of the individual.

As per Vedic Astrology, our 7th house and its lord decide the basic results pertaining to marriage and spouse although other aspects should also be considered in partnership.

Now, let us read how to understand the appearance of our future spouse based on our planets;

  • If Sun is dominating in the 7th house, complexion of the spouse will be whitish. Average height, deep voice, he/she may not be good looking but will a pleasing personality. Also if Sun in 7th house spouse will belong a very respectable family.

  • If Moon is at a predominant position spouse will be very good looking/ fair complexion. He/She will be innocent in their looks with smooth and silky skin. If the position of Moon is not dominating then the spouse will not very good looking just average.

  • ‘Mars’ the planet if rules in 7th house he /she will be very smart, athletic and slim in structure. They might have a short temperament often leads to quarrel however will be very good in conversation and capable to handle many things together.

  • Another attractive planet is Mercury.  If it is predominant, spouse will be fair, good looking, witty, jolly, talkative and intelligent. They will look very young even in their old age.

  • Now Venus, the most talked and famous planet with the lines reminding “Men are from Mars and women from Venus”. In case Venus dominates the7th house the spouse appearance will be very beautiful and fair. Venus is capable of giving the most beautiful partner. He/she will have immense charm; will be very creative, eye for art, comforts and luxuries.

  • If Saturn is predominant, the appearance of the spouse will be old and aged. He/she will be unimpressive look. But will be very practical and disciplined. He /she will have a matured mind and sensible nature.

Above are few ways astrology works in regard to appearance and nature of one’s future spouse.

Another commonly asked question these days is Do I have one marriage or two?  Well, the question itself is so scary as we all believe that marriage is a holy and sacred relation and very parent want that their children may remain together till death.

However now with fast pace life where everything has an option people do ask such questions. Yes, based on your kundali analysis one can also predict whether the person will be happy in his first marriage or may have another!

In case Sun in 7th house, it signifies a not so good sign. It creates delay in marriage even some time sun in 7th house creates separation due to ego clash. Sun in 7th house is not welcome for marital happiness. Might lead to another.

Once the online kundali is studied well by experienced and knowledgeable astrologer then many things with regard to future spouse can be predicted.

He/She’s financial status, family values. The location he/ she will belong to, what kind of profession he or she might have. Will he/ she be with higher education, how loving and caring will he/she is?

This article is a small help for you to know that Astrology works differently. While some like to know the facts and some take it as an insight to search accordingly for a potential candidate. Astrology is an old subject which has answer to many things partnership is one of them.

Use this method to find the best!

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