How to Predict Second Marriage through Kundli Chart?

As the divorce rate is increasing, most people generally go for second marriages. Most of them do not want to repeat the same mistake in their second marriage. Also, they want to know if there are provisions for second marriage in their horoscope. So they go to an astrologer to predict second marriage according to date of birth, through the Kundli chart. 

Role of the horoscope in second marriage:

The role of the stars and the planets is significant in the marital life of a person. Vedic astrology has a lot of input concerning second marriage in people. We have to check the Kundli chart to check the planetary combinations. Second marriage prediction in Kundli helps in ascertaining how best these combinations levy a significant bearing on one’s married life. 

What is a Kundli Chart?

The Kundli chart or the birth chart represents the position of the charts at the time of the birth of the child. It is nothing but an astronomical chart. It is created on the same date and time, on the birth of the individual.

In this chart, the different positions of the planets will be denoted also the constellations of the stars at the time of birth of the child will also be denoted in the Kundli chart. The chart specifically denotes the position and the movement of the planets, and their overall impact on the life of the individual. These planetary combinations also indicate 2nd marriage

The Kundli chart is also known as the natal chart. It is a pictorial representation that holds the placements of the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies in the Universe. This chart comprises 12 houses with apt placements of the planets, moving in a specific direction. With the help of these charts, astrologers will be able to predict the future of the individual. This can be used in predicting the second marriage yog in horoscope for individuals. 

Predicting the future of second marriage through Kundli Chart:

Marriage is a personal choice between two individuals who wish to spend their lives together. It is a commitment that is meant to last for a lifetime. But at times, this commitment dies prematurely. In such situations, people can go for second marriage. At times, a difficult marriage ends and paves way for a better future. But the horoscope should pave way for this second marriage to yield contentment and mental harmony. We can learn the chances of second marriage in Astrology, through the Kundli chart.

Studying the Kundli chart for horoscope matching makes sure that the second marriage will last for a long time. It is important to study the 2nd house in the Kundli chart, to understand the inherent possibilities of second marriages. This also expresses other important details about marriage, such as the longevity of the spouse, the longevity of the marriage, scope and timing of second marriage in Astrology etc.

The 7th house is also an important aspect of the Kundli chart. The 7th house is the ultimate house for marriage, spouse, love, etc. Thus, the planetary positions on this house and their alignment should be studied perfectly well, so that the second marriage is a grand success.

The Astrologers will read the Kundli chart to study the positions of the Jupiter and the Venus planets and to ascertain the second marriage problems and solutions. For men, Venus is of importance and the Jupiter is of importance for women. Thus it is important to check these planets and their feasibility, before joining two individuals in the marriage.

What does the Kundli chart say about second marriage?

The 7th house in the horoscope of an individual corresponds to the first marriage. In the horoscope of the individual, if there is more than one planet in the 7th house, then its position will be weakened. The presence of the multiple planets will diminish and will thus mitigate and destroy its strength.

If there are multiple planets in the house, then it will give rise to Sanyas or Yoga. This doesn’t denote divorce and these people will benefit only through a long-distance relationship. It is the 9th house in the horoscope, that is responsible for the second marriage in the birth chart. This will also denote how successful the second marriage would be.

The astrologer will learn if the second marriage will be successful or not, by ascertaining the7th and 9th house in the Kundli chart. These signs help to determine the importance of marriage and divorce. When the 7th house in the horoscope has a dual sign, there will be a higher chance of second marriage. 

Bottom Line:

A very happy married life is the dream of every individual, however, due to some misunderstandings and owing to some planetary combinations it ends up in divorce. The end of the first marriage is not an end in all, and there are all ways for the person to enter into a second marriage. Second marriage horoscope matching should be favorable for the same. The best Vedic astrologer will help in reading the chart and will answer all your questions about a perfect marriage, for the second time.

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