How to Predict Marriage Timing Using Astrology?

How to Predict Marriage Timing Using Astrology?

Marriage Time Prediction

Marriage is an auspicious moment in one’s life that marks the beginning of a new chapter. Once tied the knot, its impact stays with us throughout our lives. It is, therefore, believed to direct positive energies towards the newlywed couple for their beneficiary materialization. 

The success of any marriage is determined greatly by the planetary energies influencing distinct traits of our lives. It also depends on our Karma or actions. For this reason, marriage time and date predictionare considered crucial aspects in marriage astrology.

In this post, we will let you know how marriage time can be predicted in astrology!

How Marriage Time is Predicted in Astrology?

The prospect of marriage time is predicted by studying the distinct clues in a person’s natal chart. There can be various clues indicating marriage. However, not all of them may materialize. It is because of the negative impact of malefic planets. 

The planets responsible for marriage may be combust and weak in one’s horoscope. In this case, these planets will fail to deliver the desired results. 

Let’s see how astrology uses distinct aspects in your horoscope for marriage time prediction.

Studying the 7th House – The House of Marriage

The 7th house in a horoscope is related to marriage. Venus is the Lord of the 7th house and astrological marriage predictionsdepend on the relation between Venus and other planets. Marriage happens when there is no malefic effect in this house.

Another house considered for marriage is the 2nd house, which is related to family matters, and the 11th house, which is related to the fulfillment of desires. The planets in these two houses are considered to study their impact on a person’s marriage. A delayed marriage occurs when Saturn conflicts with Venus. 

Using the D-9 Chart to Predict Marriage Time in Astrology

The Navasama chart or the 9th Harmonic Divisional Chart is another supportive way to find out about the marriage time and date. It also helps in predicting your spouse. If there is a match in the pattern of the Natal Chart to the one in the Navasama chart, the astrologer can precisely predict your marriage. When Jupiter crosses the ascendant Lord in this chart it is considered a favorable situation for marriage. 

Analyzing Planetary Movements or Transitions Triggering Marriage

While the natal chart is considered the foundation for online marriage calculators, the real results also depend on the transition between various planetary periods. 

If the Lords of the 2nd house, 11th house, and 7th house rest in their respective houses during a transitory movement, it creates marriage prospects. In addition to Venus, the other beneficiary planet for marriage is Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter transiting from the 7th house during transition create a favorable time for getting married

Marriage Time Prediction in Astrology Using Vimsottori Dasa

It is possible to find the exact time of marriage by studying the Vimsottori Dasa. There are a few conditions in this Dasa, which need to be considered.

  • The Dasa of Rahu affects the marriage if the Rahu is placed in the 3rd, 11th house, trine, and angle.

  • Studying the Dasa of the Venus.

  • The Antar Dasha of the Lord of the 7th house or Moon.

  • Dasa of the Lord of the 10th house.

  • Dasa of planets posted in the 7th house from the Moon or Lagna.

  • The Dasa of different planets positioned in Lagna.

  • Antar Dasha of the Lord of 7th house from natural Karka of Venus.

  • Dasa of Ketu. For Ketu, it is believed that it is a malefic planet. But it can result in marriage when the Ketu is placed in the 7th or 1st house. It is because the ill effects of Ketu stay in the natal chart for a specific period. It does not last forever. When the ill-effects end, it leads to an auspicious situation in the marriage.

  • Antar Dasha of the 7th house.

  • Antar Dasha of the Lord of 2nd house.

  • Dasa or Antar Dasha of Moon and Venus to know which one is the strongest.

During the transitory time, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter gain the prime focus. This helps to know the exact date and timing of marriage. Among the four planets, which are placed at a trine or an angle decide the timing for marriage. However, if there is any malefic planet influencing the prime planet, it could result in delayed marriage or cancellation of marriage.

Your natal chart can help you with predictions related to your spouse as well. You can know everything by consulting a renowned astrologer who is well-versed in this skill. Alternatively, you can use a freeonline marriage prediction calculator to know about distinct aspects of your marriage. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and astrology lends a great supportive hand in this context. So, be clear of all your doubts before you tie this lifetime knot. 

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