How to know more about your to be spouse astrologically

How To Know More About Your Would Be Spouse Astrologically

At the time of deciding on getting married, a person would always be interested in knowing more details about the spouse. Usually, the tendency of a person would be to take the help of the astrologer and get the horoscope read for Marriage Astrology

In spouse astrology, we need to study the various aspects to understand more about the spouse:

  • The 7th House
  • The Lord of the 7th House
  • In a female’s horoscope, the planet Jupiter needs to be studied
  • In a male’s horoscope, the planet Venus needs to be studied
  • The Darakaraka also needs to be studied
  • The Upapadalagna is studied in Marriage Prediction.

The planets in the 7th House tell us about the characteristics of the spouse when we study the marriage horoscope.

  • Rahu :Presence of Rahu in the 7th House or any connection with the 7th House Lord of a female horoscope denotes that the marriage will be an inter caste one. If Rahu is conjunct with Venus, it shows that the person is fond of luxuries and is romantic in nature. It also shows that there is a break in relationship before marriage. This also denotes an inter caste love marriage so it is one of the indications whether it is a love or arranged marriage.
  • Jupiter :Presence of Jupiter in the 7th House of a female is considered very good as Jupiter is the karaka for husband in a female horoscope. This shows that the husband will be a very wise and learned individual.  It is considered good in the male horoscope too. If Jupiter is in the 7th House of the Navamsa Chart, the spouse is religious and god fearing.
  • Mars: Presence of Mars in the 7th House indicates that the spouse will be athletic in build. The spouse would be head strong as Mars signifies anger.Mars is not considered good in the 7th House of the Navamsa chart as it could create problems in the married life if it is afflicted.
  • Venus : Presence of Venus in the 7th House gives happiness in marriage as it signifies romance, love and affection in a Marriage Horoscope. It could give a love marriage if it has a relation with the Lord of the 5th House or Mars.
  • Saturn :Presence of Saturn in 7th House gives late marriage but not denial of marriage. It would also give a stable married life which could be unromantic but fulfilling the duties.

The 7th Lord in various Houses for marriage prediction of spouse:

  • 1st House : Presence of 7th Lord in the 1st House gives a spouse who  would be someone you know, may be the same community or even a distant relative
  • 2ndHouse :Presence of 7th Lord in the 2nd House gives a spouse known to the family. Also, the spouse could be related to your finance, banking or your friends
  • 3rd House:Presence of the 7th Lord in the 3rd House could give you a spouse through your siblings, relatives or neighbours. You would meet spouse through media, or while doing a short course or while undertaking a short journey.
  • 4th House: Your spouse would be related to your maternal side or during your student days or while working.
  • 5th House:This definitely gives a love marriage. You could meet your spouse in a public space. This tells us if it is a love or arranged marriage prediction.
  • 6thHouse :Your spouse could be your maternal relative or colleague but would in the end be you enemy or someone known to your enemies.
  • 7th House:The spouse would be from business relationship. It may or may not be a love marriage. This relationship can be through your parents.
  • 8th House: The spouse may be known to you, interested in research liking the occult and may be working.
  • 9th House:The spouse may be an inter caste even a foreigner and could be interested in religion, philosophy, literature or higher studies
  • 10th House: The spouse may be your former classmate, colleague or someone who is in a similar field of work as you.
  • 11th House: Spouse could be met through older siblings, friends or team projects while doing marriage prediction.
  • 12th House: Your spouse could be a maternal relative or from a different religion or a foreign place.

The Upapada Lagna is the image of the 12th House and tells us where we would meet our spouse according to spouse astrology. The list below tells us about the various zodiac signs the Upapada Lagna is in

  • Aries:Your spouse would be met at a competition of bravery and muscle display
  • Taurus :  Your spouse would be met at a good food and wine display restaurant
  • Gemini:A communication centre which could even be a travel place is the place where you could meet your spouse
  • Cancer: A visit to someone’s home or a visit to a water front could be the meeting place of your spouse.
  • Leo:  The power centre or government office or someplace like that would be the place where you could meet your spouse.
  • Virgo:The meeting place of your spouse could be a hospital which is always neat and clean
  • Libra: The market could be the place where you would meet your spouse.
  • Scorpio: The place of meeting your spouse could be the theatre or any dark spot
  • Sagittarius: The meeting of your spouse would be at an entertainment place.
  • Capricorn: You could meet your spouse at the library or in a forest or a place where it is difficult to find one’s way out easily
  • Aquarius:  Your spouse would me met when you are dreaming about what will happen next
  • Pisces: The temple or a place of worship is the meeting place for your spouse.

Suppose this is not your first relationship, then calculations are done from the 8th zodiac sign where the first UpaPada Lagna is located in the Chart in the marriage horoscope.

For more information for your future spouse by marriage astrology, get in touch with our expert panel of astrologers.

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