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How Health Astrology Works. Can you predict Diseases even before they occur and can astrology help regarding that.

Medical astrologyor Health astology is a branch of Vedic astrology. It is also known as the “Ayur-Jyoti” technique.The “Ayur-Jyoti” technique uses Vedic astrology to assess potential weak spots. It is hardly known by people that Hippocrates, who is the Father of Medicine, and the one that medical doctors take an oath from, had said that no one should call himself a doctor unless he/she was also an a astrologer; for no diagnosis could be made without the help of astrological information on the patient.

I had a very interesting experience sometime back. I was suffering from severe joint pain for more than eight months. All sorts of medicines refused to help the pain and swelling and was tired of constant pain which did not stop even with severe painkillers. A neighbour suggested that we show my horoscope to an astrologer. I was astonished when on first glance at the horoscope, the astrologer mentioned that I was having severe joint pain and he suggested a few astrological remedies which I started to follow. Surprisingly, the joint pain and swelling started decreasing immediately. Thus, we can tell how Health astrology helps an astrologer give remedies for various health problems.

There is a tendency toward various types of illnesses, and one can usually see certain periods of stress or lowered vitality when one develops health problems. Studying the planetary combinations and positions in a natal chart, a health astrologer can tell about likely psychological or physical weaknesses that would be causing disease. The health astrologer then would advise the client on the appropriate tests necessary to verify the astrological speculations. After diagnosis confirmation by a physician’s tests, the medical astrologer along with the doctor advises the proper diet, nutritional supplements and changes in the lifestyle for the individual to optimize their health and well-being.

A disease can be diagnosed in astrology before they even occur:

  • At the time when any planet receives bad aspects like square (90 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees)
  • At a time when malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto areplaced in bad Houses like 6th House (House of disease), 8th House ( House of longevity) and the 12th House ( House of Death)
  • At a time when malefic planets are positioned in the signs Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces
  • At a time when the malefic planets are positioned in the Lagna or ascendant
  • If Sun, Moon and Lagna – All three are afflicted then death is predicted.

Let’s study in detail the above mentioned Houses:

  • 6th House: Sixth house is also known as the ‘house of sicknesses’ as it indicates disease and sickness. The health breaks down only when one has the Mahadashas or Antardashas of planets in connection with the 6th house. If planets are connected to the 6th house in any manner they will definitely cause disease. Thus in the conjoined periods they would give sickness.
  • One must analyse the 6th house from Moon, Sun and also from the house where the MahaDasha Lord is positioned.
  • The next step would be to analyze the strength and position of the 6th house Lord with regard the Ascendant Lord. Usually, if the Ascendant Lord is stronger than the lord of 6th house then the individual will pull through and recover from the sicknesshe is suffering from.
  • It is also necessary to analyse the planets positioned in the 6th house and the nature of planets in aspect with the 6th house.
  • For any individual, the 6th house represents the stomach region comprising of abdomen, intestines, navel and kidneys.
  • 8th House:Eighth house is considered to have direct bearing upon one’s longevity or life span in this world. It is necessary to analyse 1st and 3rd house also in addition to the 8th house for longevity. That is why the 8th house is also called the ‘house of death’. The Eighth house indicates misfortune, mental anxiety, accident, surgery, suicide, and danger from disease. 
  • 12th House:Twelfth house is the house of hospitalization, confinement, imprisonment, loss by marriage, loss of wife, loss of any kind, expenses, donations, charity work, secret enemies, deception, and repayment of loan. 

The characteristics for Houses related to the health of a person in Health astology:

  • 1st House: Body in general, Head, Face, facial bones, Brain, Blood Vessels of the Brain, Complexion and Mind
  • 2nd House:Teeth, Speech, Right eye, Throat, Larynx, Cerebellum, Neck, Bones, Blood vessels that connect the throat and neck, Nose, Tongue, Ears, Fingers, Nails and Flesh
  • 3rd House:Right ear, Shoulders, Collar, Hands, Bones related to hands, Lung, Breath, Blood and Body Growth
  • 4th House:Last phase of life, chest, breast,  ribs, food poisoning, stomach, gastric system, digestive system,  lungs and diaphragm
  • 5th House:Heart, spinal cord, mind, Upper abdomen, liver, gall bladder, spleen, intestines, mesentery


  • 6th House:General diseases, kidney, stomach, bowels, intestines, lower abdomen, mental faculties
  • 7th House:Waist, Navel cavity, Lumbar region, skin, Groin, bladder, breathing
  • 8th House:Incurable diseases, Urinary organs, Uterus, Ovaries, Prostrate glands, Pineal glands Pelvic bones, Bladder, Anus
  • 9th House: Hips, Arterial systems, Nerves, Thighs, Limbs, Femoral artery
  • 10th House: Knees, Hams, Joints, Bones and Flesh, patella, popliteal fossae
  • 11th House: Legs, Blood circulation, ankles, Left ear, buttocks
  • 12th House:Lymphatic system, Feet, Toes, Left eye, hospitalization, death, Blood


  • The characteristics for Planets related to the health of a person in Health astrology:


  • Sun : Heat, sunstroke, eyes, blood circulation, spinal cord, right eye of males and left eye of females, stomach, bones, heart, skin, belly and head.


It wouldgive diseases like problemswith the right eye, high fever, disease of heart, stomach and skin, bone fracture, diseases in head and all past diseases, erratic blood circulation, blood pressure, baldness, neuralgia, bone cancer and weak immune system.


  • Moon:  Cold, Pneumonia, breast related diseases, kidneys, stomach, uterus related problems, Mania, Motions, left eye of males and right eye of females, heart, lungs, mind, breast, alimentary canal, water in body, Intestines, lymph


Diseases that are related to the heart, lungs, left eye, uterus and ovaries diseases, sleepiness, inertia, asthma, diarrhoea, anaemia, poisoning of blood, and diseases from water, vomiting, kidney trouble, diabetes, menstrual disorder, dropsy, appendicitis, diseases of breasts and mammary glands, cough and cold, hydrocele, insomnia, lethargy, mouth problems, blood pressure problems, enlargement of spleen, TB, lack of appetite,fever, general weakness etc.


  • Mercury : Digestive system, nerves, lungs, speech related problems, mouth, tongue, hands, epilepsy, chest, skin, navel, nose, spinal system, gall bladder, veins, arms, hair


Diseases that are related to chest and nerves, chicken pox, epilepsy, disease of navel, nose and gall bladder, poisonous diseases, bone fracture, typhoid, madness, paralysis, fits, ulcer, indigestion, cholera, skin and mouth diseases, neurofibroma, vertigo, leucoderma, loss of memory, speech, asthma, respiratory diseases, deafness, and intestinal disorders.


  • Venus: Throat, neck, cheeks, skin, venereal diseases, reproductive organs, face, semen, urine’ lustre of body, water in body and glands


Diseases that are related to face and eye, fits, venereal diseases, fading away of bodily lustre, indigestion,water in body and glands,  throat problems, diabetes, sexual incompetence, throat, chin.


  • Mars: Forehead, nose, muscles, male reproductive organs, piles, haemorrhages, injuries, burns, cuts, fevers, accidents, electric shock, suicidal tendencies, blood, marrow, energy, neck veins, rectum veins, red matter in blood, female organs and vitality,nose


Diseases that are related to head, poisoning, cuts, wounds, sore eye, leprosy, itches, blood pressure, loss of energy, diseases of female organs, bone fractures,diseases related to urinary system, boils, tumours, epilepsy, cancer, piles, menstrual disorder, ulcer, dysentery, rectal disease, chicken pox, mumps, fistula, hernia, inflammation, intolerant to hunger, accidents.


  • Jupiter: Liver,Diabetes, Blood vessels, right ear, thigh, buttocks, obesity, problems due to over eating, brains, lungs, kidney, memory, tongue and spleen, semen


Diseases that are related toliver, kidneys,diabetes,  lungs , ears, lacking of memory, maladies of tongue, thighs, pancreas, spleen,dropsy, jaundice, tumours, poisoning of blood, dyspepsia, abscesses.


  • Saturn: General weakness, bony appearance, teeth, bones, knees, joints, rheumatism, chronic diseases, asthma, lung related diseases, tuberculosis and skin diseases, legs, muscles,limbs, hair


Diseases that are related to weakness, stomach pain, damage and loss to limbs, bone fracture, bone diseases, teeth, skin and legs, pain related to rheumatism , blindness, ugly hair, mental worry, wounds, muscle pains, paralysis, hysteria, deafness, tumours, baldness.


  • Rahu: Leprosy, Cancer, poisoning, snake bite, bites of poisonous insects and creatures, spleen diseases, feet, breathing, neck


Diseases related to Lung problems, diseases related to the feet, boils, leprosy, difficulties in breathing, spleen enlargement, cataract, varicose veins, hiccoughs, stammering, poisoning.


  • Ketu: Hypertension, BP, lunacy, allergies, infectious diseases. Involvement of Ketu makes it difficult to diagnose the disease, belly, feet


Diseases related to Lung problems, fever, eye-pain, stomach pain, boils, pains in body, diseases from unknown causes, intestine worms, low blood pressure, defect in speech and ear, brain diseases, phobias.


  • Uranus: Artery related diseases, nervous system of brain, spinal cord parts, electric shock, heart attack, sudden accidents, unknown diseases


  • Neptune:Psychic diseases, epilepsy, lunacy, food poisoning addiction to drugs, conjunctivitis, drowning, delusion, insomnia, infectious and contagious diseases, bites of poisonous insects or animals


  • Pluto: Congenital diseases, venereal diseases, accidents, diseases caused by harmful effects of radiation rays of X-rays, atomic rays, UV rays, radioactive rays.

Similarly, the Dashasystem, and the study of the transit of the planets would reveal the exact time and duration of the disease.

The formation of certain Yogas (combination) of planets would disclose more information on the nature of the disease. For example, if the Sun or Moon are placed the 12th house, there could be eye disease. Similarly, if there is affliction to the Sun, Leo and the 5th it would cause heart ailments.


While looking for cure, analyse the 1st, 5th, and 11th Houses in Health astrology.

  • 1st House –This House is related to health
  • 5th House - is the House which is 12th to the 6th House or absence of sickness, 11th is the 12th to the 12th House or represents absence of bedridden sickness. At a time one suffers from any disease, one will be running the period of the planet connected with 6th house. He could expect cure during the AntarDasha of the planet connected with ascendant or 5th house or 11th house.
  • A Virgo born will be sick when they run the MahaDasha of a planet in Scorpio, in Saturn star, and sun sub.
  • The following houses shows cure from disease or good health in the natal chart: 

FIRST HOUSE: First house is always the most important house when it comes to the health of the individual. It also indicates the individual’s physical stature, vitality and energy. If the Lord of the ascendant cusp and the Lord of the ascendant are well positioned by house, nakshatras, aspect and conjunction, it gives good health to the individual. 

FIFTH HOUSE: Fifth house is the house of absence of sickness as it is 12th house to the 6th house which is the House of sickness and disease. In other words, 5th house negates 6th house matters, which is sickness and disease. During the Mahadasha of the planets connected to the 5th house, the health of the individual improves, and they find cure for any health issues. 

ELEVENTH HOUSE: Planets connected to the 11th house in any manner cure disease as 11th is the 6th to the 6th House. An individual cannot have a cure from the chronic disease, if there is no planet in the 11th house, no planet in the constellation of the owner or occupant of 11th house and if the 11th cusp and the 11th Lord are in the sub of evil planets. Horoscopes of sick people reveal that thedashasLords which they went through they contracted disease are all in the sub of 6th Lord, and the 11th house is weak. 11th Lord and 1st Lord are also spoiled. 11th house which is positioned 12th to the 12th house governs discharge from the hospital. 


Each and every sign and each and every planet are associated with a number of possible diseases.

Moveable signs:Planets in movable signs would cause disease of short duration. If planets are afflicted in movable or cardinal signs they would affect the head, stomach, kidneys and skin and  Diseases like brain fever, epilepsy, apoplexy; stomach trouble, cancer; kidney related problems, liver troubles; rheumatism, gout and colds or chills.

Common signs:These signs indicate neither short nor long duration of disease.

Fixed signs:These signs threaten to give disease of prolonging, chronic, and tedious nature. Afflictions in fixed signs affect throat, heart, urine-genital organs and blood and diseases like tonsillitis, diphtheria, heart troubles, spinal ailments, piles, stones, ailments regarding urinary and generative organs; blood disorders.

Mutable signs:Afflictions in mutable signs would give problems to  lungs, intestines, nerves and digestion  and represents diseases, for example, TB, bronchitis, asthma, intestinal diseases, rheumatism; dropsy, scurvy.

Astrological remedies are available to appease the planets in health astrology

For appeasing Mars (Mangal): A copper bracelet should be worn in the right hand. Use a copper utensil for drinking.

For appeasing Saturn (Shani):Eating of aniseed or ajwain is advised. Black clothes should be donated on Saturdays.

For appeasing Venus:Rub your right ear to help you get better results from Venus. 

For making moon strong:For people who can get a  grandmother (Dadi's) love, their Moon is always strong. If you don't have a Dadi, then you should respect and care for a dadi or a woman who's old like dadi to make your moon strong. 

For appeasing Rahu:An electrical appliance should be donated or have an electrical connection done in a poor person's home to get rid of major Rahu issues.

For appeasing Sun:If your Sun is very weak, then have a water fountain made for thirsty people at your place of birth. Also water should be donated on a Sunday.

There are many astrological remedies available as per planet. To get more information, consult our expert astrologers.

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