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Opposites attract -How Does Kundali Matching Happen?

kundali matching

Kundali Matching or horoscope matching:  

The zodiac matching for the perfect life is the important event for those people who truly have faith in astrology, i.e. marriage, health, financial issues etc. In accordance with the law of nature, opposites attract. Who are yet to tie the knot Kundali Matching helps them in looking for their perfect partner and best compatibility in future.

The traditional and cultural Hindu beliefs with the modification of societies(especially in India) still give high importance to the institution of marriage and elaborates match making leading to eternal marital bliss in details.

In ancient times when a child was born the parents use to note down their birth time, date of birth and other details based on which the child's Janam Kundali was created. Prior to marriage, the Janam Kundali of both the future partners has examined for compatibility the process which is referred as Gun Milan or Kundali Milan. In this whole strategy of matching perfections, Vedic astrology is used which is based on the belief that the position of celestial bodies, time and date of birth event are some of the foremost importance for deriving a desirable result from any future/further events including marriage too.

Gunas in Kundali Matching

There are 8 different gunas involved in Kundali Matching and an overall score is derived from such prediction results, which is believed to have significance as far as compatibility is concerned about two perfect matching zodiacs for marriage and lifetime relationship. Sometimes during Gunas Milan there exist some kundali doshas (gunas mismatch). In such a situation an experienced astrologer is consulted to give remedies to cure the imperfections and best possibility to gain profitable results.

This astrological belief is especially is the part of Hinduism, there exist the most successful marriages, unlike western culture. This makes our belief more factful in Vedic astrology, especially Kundali Milan or Gun Milan.


Gun Milan Test #1- Varna: Evaluating compatibility based on Vedic caste system.

Gun Milan Test #2- Vasya: According to modern astrologers, this test helps to determine the possibilities of the successful marriage between two individual, for lifelong compatibility and secured future together.

Although, the signs of the zodiac are broken up into 5 groups:

• Manava or Human

• Vanachara or Wild

• Chatushpada or Quadruped

• Jalachara or Water

• Keeta or Insect

There are 4 rules to the Vasya test, the astrologer uses them to determine compatibility during this test.

Gun Milan Test #3- Tara: This test is believed to help provide accurate health and well-being of the bride and the groom after marriage.

Gun Milan Test #4- Yoni: This test is conducted to determine the physical and sexual compatibility of the couple.

Gun Milan Test #5 - Graha Maitri: It measures or is believed to measure the strength of love and romance between the couple.

Gun Milan Test #6- Gana: This, in particular, is used to identify an individual’s nature and temperament.

Gun Milan Test #7-Bhakoot: Bhakoot or Rashikoot testing is believed to verify the overall health, welfare, and prosperity of a family after marriage.

Gun Milan Test #8-Nadi: Nadi is used to test genetic compatibility using ancient Vedic knowledge and Vedic astrology.

As we can see from above details it takes numerous tests and ancient techniques to finally make Kundali Milan of two souls as one spirit. So before getting married Janam Kundali is verified of both partners and Gun Milan tests and others are done. Then comes an aspect is known as kundali mismatch or dosha and the very same needs to be rectified by chanting certain mantras and various other remedies. So if there are marriages especially Hindu marriage astrologers will be busy to make Kundali Milan and finding remedies.