How do I know when I will get pregnant through astrology?

How do I know when I will get pregnant through astrology?

Every married couple wishes to experience the eternal happiness that comes with a child. It is the first relationship of unconditional love in mankind. But fulfilling this dream is not always easy. If a couple experiences difficulties during childbirth, the horoscopes of both partners should be examined for conducting detailed childbirth astrology. Pitr dosha, which has to do with childbirth, causes delays, and the outcome is still bad even after medical intervention. Astrology is a supreme science, and it forms the foundation of medical science. It undertakes close scrutiny of your nakshatras with the effects of each planetary position and malefic in the houses of your Kundli.

For pregnancy prediction by date of birth of couples, it is important to evaluate the power of the second, fifth, and tenth houses. The 5th house is the most closely associated house with children and is very crucial for childbirth astrology among others. This house rules the yoga of childbirth in a Kundali.

The fourth house, which governs the home and family, and the eighth house, which governs intimacy and deeper relationships, are the planets of secondary importance in determining the fertility of a couple. As the house of marriage, the seventh house indirectly influences childbirth. Therefore, the parent’s Kundli reading for childbirth becomes immensely crucial to determine the yoga of experiencing the privilege of a child in their lives. 

Yogas are planetary combinations that are created in a childbirth horoscope based on specific Vedic laws and principles. The most common principles determining the same are -

  • According to Vedic astrology, it is said to be an auspicious position for childbirth if the lord of the fifth house is in its own sign and in aspect with a favourable planet, sukhesh, or bhagyesh meaning happiness and luck.

  • A person who has a strong Panchmesh in their Lagna, fifth, seventh, or ninth house of their kundali and who is not under the influence of a malefic planet like Saturn will be bestowed with a kid at such time.

  • Mercury should be examined for a girl child and the planets Sun and Jupiter for a male child. People whose dates of birth fall between 1 and 3 are frequently blessed with a son. 

  • The existence of 8 indicates delays. The numbers 7 and 9 indicate a Caesarean birth or miscarriage in some cases. 

  • When one of the planets—Mercury, Venus, or Moon—is in the Ekadash, a couple is soon expected to be blessed with a child. Also, the person will be rewarded with a child if Aries, Taurus, or Cancer are placed in the fifth house.

  • The joy of childbirth is postponed if Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio is in the fifth house with the Sun while Saturn and Mars are in the eighth and ascendant houses, respectively.

  • Similar to this, if Rahu is in the 11th house and there is no planet in the 5th house, the pregnancy can see unnecessary delay but eventually will happen. Additionally, if Mars is put in the Lagna and Taurus, Leo, Virgo, or Scorpio signs are placed in conjunction with the Sun in the 5th house, Saturn in the 8th house, or both, childbirth is delayed.

It is also pertinent to remember that as far as baby astrology by date of birth is concerned, Vedic scriptures divide the twelve signs into three categories - Fertile signs, infertile signs and indecisive signs. 

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the fertile signs. Aries, Gemini, Leo and Virgo are infertile signs. The remaining signs of Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are the indecisive signs. It mandates the need to check the kundlis of both the partners to deduce a specific timing of when the couple has the highest chances of getting pregnant. Any influence by the planets on the 1st, 4th and 10th houses in the birth chart signifies very low chances of the individual getting pregnant. 

An astrologer may predict a number of factors regarding childbirth, including the degree of happiness a couple will have as their child grows up, by taking into account the Kundali of the wife and husband. Everything can be predicted, whether the pregnancy period is trouble-free or there are issues throughout this transition. Pregnancy prediction through astrology has for many years now helped couples to prepare for the rest of their lives ahead. A thorough analysis and word of a professional not only assures them when everything is alright but immediate remedies can also be opted if there are any problems with the pregnancy of the couple. 

In this way, astrology can help to a great extent with issues relating to childbirth and pregnancy. If you have any queries of your own, then contact an astrological expert to put your first step ahead toward a happy family.

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