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How Can Astrology Tell About the No Marriage Yog in Chart? Remedies for It

The no marriage horoscope or unmarried horoscope is identified with ruling houses 1st, 7th, 2nd, 12th, and 11th. These houses are taken into consideration from Moon, Venus, Sun and Lagna to identify the marital status of a person. If such houses are weak and are influenced by malefic planets then the person is expected to have delayed marriage or no marriage yog.

Identifying No Marriage Prediction in Astrology

To identify whether a person will get married or not, it is important to consider the five houses. The 1st or Lagna house talks about the person himself or herself. The 2nd house talks about the relatives of the person. The 7th house talks about the person’s wife. The 11th house talks about the bonding and long-term relationship and the 12th house talks about any major expenditure.

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When the lord of 1st house is connected with the lord of 7th house then the native will come in contact with the opposite sex. However, if the connection develops with 11th house then the bond with opposite sex will be longer and give relationship a lasting connection. But malefic connections in the 8th and 12th house can lead to short marriage or yog of unmarried. So, these are some of the no marriage horoscope. But the impact is greatly influenced with the planetary positions.

Other Possible Combinations of No Marriage or Delay Marriage in Marriage Astrology

  • If Rahu exists in the 7th House and is expected to link with two malefic planets then this is a no marriage yog.

  • If bad Rahu is positioned in 9th house then this is no marriage yog.

  • If Venus and Moon are positioned in one house and Mars and Saturn are placed in 7th house then there are very less chances of marriage.

  • If 7th house is influenced by malefic planet and badly affected by Moon with other troubling planets in 7th house then the person will not get married.

  • If Mercury and Venus are in 7th house and badly affected by other troubling planets then the person will not marry.

  • When troubling Moon and Saturn rest in 7th house and the house is not influenced by other beneficiary planets then the results are no marriage of the person.

  • When all malefic planets move to the lagna house, 7th house and 12th house and influenced by Moon in the 5th house then the person will not marry.

  • When Saturn and Sun jointly interferes with 7th house from Moon or Ascendant in navasama Chart then this could lead to no marriage for a person.

  • When Saturn and Sun jointly influence Venus then this implies Kakra for marriage and leads to no marriage.

  • When 7th house is placed with Sun and influenced by Saturn, provided Jupiter is not affecting then this is a combination of no marriage.

  • Saturn as the lord of 11th house positioned in the 7th house or in 9th house may cause no marriage or delay in marriage.

So, these are all major combinations that may cause delay or no marriage. If still a person tends to get married then this results in breakup, difficulties in marriage, or sometimes death of one person.

Remedies to Combat No Marriage in Astrology Horoscope

Some of the astrology remedies to combat no marriage yog are as follows:

  1. Worshipping Lord Krishna is a great solution for people who have no marriage yog. Regularly worshipping Lord Krishna helps for progeny also.

  2. Another remedy to treat no marriage yog is to wear stone of Jupite or Topaz or Pukhraj. It must be a clear yellow stone of around 4-5 carats and must be casted in gold. The person with no marriage yog can wear it in the right index finger. It would be beneficial to perform gemstone rituals and then wear it. This remedy is ideal only for females.

  3. Both Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva are Karakas of marriage. Worshipping them and fasting on Mondays is an excellent remedy to get rid of this problem and live a happily married life throughout.

With marriage astrology it is possible to know about no marriage or delay marriage. At the same time, the good thing is that astrology offers reliable and appropriate solutions for the same.

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