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How astrology predicts for the government job. Suggest some remedies

When will I get a government job? Are you also trapped in such interrogation? It is quite common to strive for a government job. Obviously, the person’s hard work is required to get a government job. But by career astrology Government job can be predicted from Planets and Houses. If the results are negative then the presence of Government job Yogin Kundli can also be ensured. Now the query comes How to predict Government Job indication?

The planet responsible

Sun is known to be the King of the planetary kingdom. It is the most important planet. For Government Job indication, the status of the sun is studied. It is because it represents the Government. So to get a good career path, the blessings of Sun God or Surya Narayan are a must. It is fundamental to get fame and recognition. So during government job prediction in astrology sun is the first thing to be checked. If Sun becomes Amatyakaraka planet, then it represents a strong indication for a Government job.

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Conditions and consequences

The Lagna Lord of a person should be strong. If it is placed in 1, 10, 9, 6 or 11th house with these house lord, it is a good planetary combination for a career path. It is a good Astrological combination when Lagna Lord is conjunct with Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter & Mars. If the 10th lord is conjunct with planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and placed in houses like 1st, 6th, 7th, 10th or 11th then it is assumed that there is a very high chance of getting a Government job.

Variations in technique

The influence of different Planets helps to get the job in a different kind of Government Fields. Many combinations are studied to predict the career path of a person. Some career astrologists do government job prediction by date of birth. There might be chances for government job by birth. But with career astrology, one can definitely increase the chances of getting a government job.

The remedies to get government job

Lord Shani- The Karma Fal Data

One should Worship Sani Yantra daily. The person should light a lamp with mustard oil. But before everything, one should have faith and devotion to god. Some career astrologists recommend establishing this yantra.  “OM PRAANG PREENG PRAUNG SAH SHAESHCHARAAY NAMAH” This is a Saturn mantra which should be recited 108 times daily. Some people even Recite this Mantra 19000 times within 40 days to get quick results.

Lord Hanuman- The Sankat Mochan

One should Worship Lord Hanuman Regularly. It is basically not for a job but to get power, authority, and vigor. Lord Hanuman is the only deity who can help in this regard. He is known to safeguard people from the difficulties and troubles caused by Saturn. One of the best ways to get good career path is to recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.

The offerings

One should also recite Shani stotram daily for 21 days. It is very effective mantra as far as career is concerned. A person should definitely donate Mustard oil, black Urad and sesame seeds and black cloth on Saturday. It is suggested to recite ‘Dashrathkrit Sani Strotam’ on Saturday. One can have fast on Saturday and wear a 14 faced Rudraksha. It is recommended to wear stones on fingers to get power, authority etc.

So it can be said that everything is possible with career astrology. But every possible thing depends on the hard work of an individual.

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