How astrology is connected with Colors around us

How astrology is connected with Colors around us

I have heard of people saying that a particular colour of clothes should be worn on a particular day. Someone may just scoff at the idea of this saying that it makes no difference but in Vedic astrology, it is said that the nine planets or navagrahas govern the entire life of the individual till death. These nine planets emit or reflect rays of different colours as per colour astrology. These colour rays give distinctive appearance to the particular planet according to Vedic astrology of colours.

The Sun colour is a combination of orange and red so it is considered red in colour. The Moon is pale white but the orange red rays of the sun are reflected. Mars is red but the yellow rays of the Sun are also reflected. Mercury is green in colour and green rays are reflected. Jupiter’s colour is orange-yellow but mainly the blue rays of the spectrum are reflected. Venus is pure white but that too reflects indigo rays of the spectrum. Colour of Saturn is black and the violet rays of the Sun are reflected. The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu have been assigned colours black and brown respectively in colour astrology.

Thus, colours worn on various days of the week are:

  • Monday – Moon – White
  • Tuesday – Mars- Red
  • Wednesday – Mercury – Green
  • Thursday – Jupiter –Yellow
  • Friday – Venus – White
  • Saturday – Saturn – Black
  • Sunday – Sun –Red

Astrologers usually suggest various astrological remedies to strengthen weak planets to bring a balance in the life of a person. Remedies could be mantras, tantras, gem therapy, pooja (worship), daan (charity) etc where some of them are related to colours as per colour astrology.

Let’s discuss the various colours:

Colour of Sun: The Sun’s colour is Red and the Sun should be strengthened in the horoscope with red flowers or saffron colour items.

Colour of Moon: The Moon’s colour is pale white. All the seven colours of the spectrum is contained in this colour which has purifying properties. It also has an influence on the thought process and leads towards virtue and spirituality. To strengthen the Moon in the horoscope, white items like white flowers (jasmine, white lotus, lily etc.), milk, curd, rice flour, white sandalwood are prescribed as astrological remedies.

Colour of Mars: Mars which is red coloured emits slightly yellowish rays. The red in the Sun would indicate royalty while that in Mars would indicate violence. This red is associated with RBCs. If Mars red is deficient it gives blood related problems and excess gives accidents and excessive aggression.  In astrological remedies, for Mars related problems red or yellow colour is prescribed.Herbs and grains like red lentils, ashwagandha (winter cherry), turmeric and onions which coincide with its fiery nature are prescribed.

Colour of Mercury:Mercury’s colour is green and it stands for balance, harmony and hope. This colour can calm down nerves and the mind so it is good for people who suffer from heart problems. It is also considered good for pregnant women. As Mercury symbolises Lord Vishnu, Tulsi is prescribed for problems related to Mercury.

Colour of Jupiter : Jupiter’s colour is yellow or yellowish orange. These colours give positive effects so it is a benefic planet. This colour energizes the nervous system and produces stimulating effect on the intellect. Items prescribed for problems with Jupiter are ashwagandha and other yellow flowers. Nuts like almonds, walnuts and cashews are also prescribed as astrological rememdies.

Colour of Venus:Colour of Venus is pure white. This colour is bright white while that of the Moon is pale white.  The effects of both the colours are the same but Moon represents simplicity while Venus represents sophistication. Astrological remedies prescribed items like rose, saffron, jasmine, lotus, lily, white musali, amalaki, aloe vera gel etc.

Colour of Saturn:Saturn’s colour is black which is caused by absence of light. Saturn emits rays which are violet in colour. This colour is calming for agitated persons and has protective properties. Negative qualities like resistance, opposition, obstruction and enmity are also there. Items used for astrological remedies would be black sesame, udad, shilajit, comfrey root, triphala, iron etc.

Colour of Rahu:Rahu’s colour is smoky or black colour.   Items for astrological remedies would be camphor, bayberry, eucalyptus, sandalwood, lotus, etc.

Colour of Ketu:Ketu’s colour is brown. Items for astrological remedies would be bayberry, wild ginger, juniper, bhringaraj, skullcap, passion flower etc.

Zodiac signs are also associated with various colours as per colour astrology.

  • Aries – Red
  • Taurus – Green
  • Gemini – Orange
  • Cancer – Violet
  • Leo – Yellow
  • Virgo  - Blue
  • Libra – Green
  • Scorpio  - Red
  • Sagittarius – Violet
  • Capricorn – Blue
  • Aquarius -  Violet
  • Pisces – Indigo

If we do not know which colour is suitable for us, it would be best to consult an astrologer for more information on colour astrology.

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