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How Astrology Explains Reasons of Body Pain. Also tell Remedies of It.

How Astrology Explains Reasons of Body Pain.

Health is neglected by all due to the fast lifestyle of today. The body doesn’t get sufficient rest and the stress causes body pain. Sometimes, medication also does not help the pain to ease. The individual is just fed up of taking painkillers to no avail. The question is what to do?  Here comes in health astrology.

Through health astrology, we can know about the various ailments of the body with the help of astrological planets and the zodiac system. The planets positioned in different Houses, Signs and Nakshatras in the influence of other different planets by aspect or conjunctions can cause different ailments.

A study of the Kundali taking help of medical astrology can help an astrologer pinpoint what system or organ of the body gets affected.


  • The 6th House is considered as the House of Disease,sicknessetc along with other negative happenings and adversities in the individual’s life.
  • Also the 6th House from the Moon, Sun and also from the House where the MahaDasha Lord is positioned need to be checked.
  • The strength and the position of the Lord of the 6th House with respect to the Lord of ascendant needs to be checked. If the ascendant and Lagna Lord are found to be stronger than the Lord of the 6th House, then the individual will recover from the illness.
  • It is also essential to study the planets positioned in the 6th House and also the nature of the planets in aspect with the 6th House when checking the Kundali as per medical astrology.


  • If effects of Venus are increasing or Mars are turning negative, then there is an increase in the pain in the body.
  • When Mars is negative, there could be a problem with blood circulation or some problem related to the bones.
  • When Moon joins Venus, it causes some pain or the other in the body.  It could be a headache, pain in lower back and limbs due to excessive tightening of the muscles.


  • Add salt to water and wet your body with this salt water. Wait for 2 minutes and then have a bath with warm water to get rid of the salt from the body.
  • If you are near the ocean, go to the seashore and cover the entire body with sand from the ocean right upto the neck and stay like that for some time.
  • A body massage with clay is advised for body pain as you would be wrapped in clay for some time as per medical astrology.
  • Have turmeric mixed in water or milk but sometimes turmeric in milk can give rise to constipation.
  • Constipation is also a cause of pain in the body. For this, you should have manukka (raisins) that have been soaked in water, twice a day, in the morning and the evening.
  • ‘Dashmool’ to be taken under medical supervision for pain in the lower limbs.
  • Grind together 2 spoons of wheat grain, 1 spoon of khuskhus, and 1 spoon of coriander seeds and cook them in half cup of milk on a low flame.  Eating of this mixture to free yourself of pain if you are doing a lot of exercise or dance.
  • Prepare a powder by grinding Kalonji, fenugreek and thyme together. Have it with lukewarm better before to retiring to bed in the night. Fenugreek and Thyme is ground together if the pain is due to Saturn.
  • Mix camphor in mustard oil and give it sunlight for three days. This oil can be used to massage your foot.
  • 10 gms of camphor to be mixed in 400 gm sesame oil and kept in a white bottle. This bottle is kept on wood for 3 days and it can be applied to the shoulder for pain.
  • Mix Ashwagandha and sugar with lukewarm milk and have it in the evening.
  • If there is a Saturn or Mercury related problem, you should eat Triphala.
  • Try to remain calm and keep a control on the anger.
  • A 10 minutes’ walk after dinner helps decrease the bad effects of Rahu.
  • Wearing a copper bracelet and drinking water from a copper glass in considered good for health remedies astrology.

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