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How astrology determines sexual compatibility when you get married?

A horoscope chart can tell a lot about anyone rather than kundali matching. It is some sort of personality map that shows various characteristics such as desires, dreams, career, and even sexual compatibility. It is certain among other characteristics. Sexual compatibility is not any other chart in horoscope but it is a way of determining the sexuality of the person according to behavior and liking.

However, for giving any answer related to any question it is better to go through whole horoscope chart. For sexuality compatibility, there are certain astrological houses and planets need to be read at certain angles. Each house and planet has different meaning when it comes to person’s sexuality.

It can be determined by Sun, Moon, and Venus. Along with these the most important planet is Mars. Actually, Mars is the planet of passion, drive, anger, and sexuality and these are the traits whose play an important role in love life. Moreover, people get attracted towards it. Sun signifies the ego, anger while Mars signifies the physical expression, what turns people on, and sex drives. Let us look at different planets and its significance on person’s sexual desire.

Position of Sun in Horoscope Chart

The position of Sun in the horoscope chart is of huge importance for determining not only sex life but also marital life, career, and so on. It shows the basic traits when planets are not governed with it in the horoscope. The sun sign in the horoscope signifies the everyday attitude and person’s behavior. For sexual compatibility, it shows the liking and things of attraction, desires, with whom you are comfortable, what drives you in relationship, what you go for. Sun is not the thing that influences the sexuality, it is a general indication attraction towards each other. At sexual encounter, it forces other get into action or play.

Position of Moon in Horoscope Chart

Sexuality is the last step in love because there much more things are involved. Placement of moon in the birth chart shows the longings and emotional need. Hence, in the horoscope chart for sex compatibility, moon’s positions tells a lot. It tells what a person needs to be pleased, what desire have to be fulfilled for great sexual experience. It is the nature of moon that keeps feelings hidden and can only be revealed in presence of a partner. In fact, people especially women often unclear about their own emotions, deep ones that are the strongest. As per the position of moon in the horoscope chart, one can clear the urge of inner feelings and its intensity.

Essentially, moon is not responsible for the physical activities involved in sex act. Venus and Mars favor it most. It shows a person’s desire how he/she want to feel sex, sense reaction, and mood of the person during and after sex. Moon decides happiness, fulfillment, you can feel the point when afterwards you don’t need anything in this world.

Position of Venus in Horoscope Chart

Sex is not all about pleasing yourself but it is also pleasing your partner. It is actually a dual need relationship. People cannot be same or similar for all the need, means discovering differences is the thing that makes the couple’s sexuality intensify and evolve. Venus is the only planet that helps in discovering what you like in final act. It helps in exploring your sexual expectation that what your partner should do to excite you and delight you.

It is solid and clear, dealing with the physical doings and its uniqueness with whosoever the partner is and what relationship you have. Venus in horoscope shows what a person’s body wants in whole act. It represents the pleasure and at times, it tends to be creative and demands of fulfillment. With the position of Venus in birth chart, your partner can serve you what you want again and again.

Position of Mars in Horoscope Chart

The planet mars shows the sexual and dominating behavior of an individual. When the mars are in fire signs in horoscope chart, then they are extremely passionate and like to initiate sex. Individuals of this fire sign are very modern and driven in sex. Hence, for fire sign people low sexual relationship does not function well.

When the Mars is in earth sign, individuals are strong and highly energetic lovers and they tends to very open about sex. They like slow and passionate love but same sex sometimes bore the person. Moreover, when the planet Mars is present with air signs in the horoscope chart, an individual need to have more patience because the thought of sex is sufficient for fun. The individuals always want variety in sex life so that it will never become boring.

When the planet Mars is in water sign, individuals tends to have sex with their whole being. Sex and intimate relation is vital for them and they value quality over the quantity in case of love life.

However, sexual compatibility is hard to describe without going through the whole birth cart. Nevertheless, we all are sexually attracted towards that person whose planet Mars is present in same element as us.

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