High Age Gap Between Me and My Partner. How Astrology Can Explain This?

A slight age gap between a husband and wife is normal. But when the age gap between couple if high then it becomes difficult to know why this is so. But thanks to astrology as it with marriage astrology solutions it is possible to know the exact age difference between you and your partner. With the help of astrology it is possible to know how elder or younger your partner will be.

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Astrology can offer answers to almost all questions, but there are certain questions that cannot be answered in texts and books. In such a case, an astrologer can offer you with the best solutions to your problems. So, if you are concerned about the high age gap between you and your partner then check here some of the common cases that most of the marriage horoscope reveal.

  • When the ascendant – descendant axis are occupied by Aries – Libra, and followed by Virgo – Pisces and Taurus – Scorpio then there can be a high age gap between the couple.

  • If the male horoscope shows rising Mercury before Venus and Sun and is followed by Sun then this can cause a huge age difference between the couple.

  • When Sun is positioned in Capricorn, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Aquarius, then Mercury rises prior to Venus and Sun.

When having a look at the marriage prediction astrology then ascendant is of your horoscope and front house of the birth horoscope if of the life partner who you wish to marry. Based on this, the reasons for high age gap between couple can be as follows:

  • The 7th house and its lord is the key to influence the age gap between you and your partner. When there is an effect of Saturn in 7th house then you will marry to an old age person. The age length will be influenced by the intensity of planet on the horoscope.

  • Also, the principle of Lord Navamsa is influenced by Saturn then the age gap between the couple will be less. If there is effects of planets like Mercury and Mars who are known to be very young planets in the astrology then the difference will be huge or more.

  • There is a 30 degree angle between two planets. From zero to 5 degree the planet is known as child. From 6 to 25 degree the planet is known as young, from 26 to 30 degree the planet is called as old aged. Hence, it all depends on the angular aspect of a planet in the 7th house that would decide the age gap between you and your partner.

These are the astrology explanations for age gap between you and your partner. Not just the relationship, but even the nature, appearance, and age gap of your partner is influenced by the planetary positions in your marriage horoscope. Hence, if you wish to know about the exact age difference between you and your partner then expert astrologers can help you know about it.

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