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6 Gifting Ideas for Your Partner this Christmas & New Year

Love marriage astrology embarks the successful the relationship. Many new wed prefer to apply it for the benefit of their relationship. Nothing is more prosperous than a thoughtful present for the partner. Via gifts, you show that you care for a person. But if you put any logic before choosing a gift, you might be benefitted more. This year give them a gift that would bring grace to their home. Let’s gift something that will bring good luck in their life. Our love astrologers suggest some things to be gifted. Let’s have a combination of Vastu and astrological advice.


In Indian astrology, an Elephant has a special place. It is assumed to be extremely auspicious to receive an Elephant. Giving or receiving a pair of elephants brings prosperity. It is not compulsory to buy a silver or gold plated elephant pair. If one can't afford, then pair made of brass or wood can also be gifted.


Jupiter planet rules over all eatable sweet items. Jupiter is the biggest benefit planet which brings good effects so items like chocolates, pastries, and sweets etc should be gifted. To reduce the malefic effects one should gift Jupiter items along with some of the other malefic gifts. Jupiter is known to be the planet which denotes to progress and so gifting of such things is recommended.


Many times people present leather purses, shoes, bags etc to their loved ones. The planet Ketu primarily rules them. So this year gift any item made of leather. Leather belts or other Leather products accord powerful positions to people. But to avoid the malefic influence of these products Jupiter items should also be brought. As per Vedic system, Ketu is unpredictable. So Love astrologers suggest Jupiter items along with leather products. It is because it gives extreme results in many cases.


Love astrologers have mentioned many times that flowers represent love. Generally rises are gifted by many. But this time gift Peonies to your partner. They are the most requested flowers.  They are known as the queen of flowers as they express femininity and beauty. If you want to get peace, stability, distinction and wealth do gift Peonies.


Clothes are the most appealing belonging one can have. Giving or receiving clothes/ dresses/ suits etc seems good. It is good gift clothes as they increase the understanding level between couples. But it will be better to refrain from giving black clothes. The strong presence of planets Saturn or Rahu in their horoscope may harm.

7 White horses

Yes, gifting 7 White horses are assumed to lucky in love astrology. According to Feng Shu, they represent money. You can either gift a painting or a statue to the respective person. Feel good if you receive it. They actually increase avenues of growth and income. This is the reason they are preferred. So don’t forget to gift 7 galloping white horses. 

This year gift these items to your spouse and get ready to prosper.

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