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Does Laal Kitab have remedies for Early Marriage?

What exactly you get from term “marriage”, it is the bond of the two people who decides to stay together for their rest of life with each other. In marriage, husband and wife are the support system for each other who will stand by if one will twirl then other will hold on the relationship.

“Marriage” may be the word with excitement and for others, it is the word of fear that they will get the partner of their choice or not. Marriage is defined as one of the most beautiful bonds between two people, whether an individual of any age they have certain look forward to get married and get a life partner who will be compatible.   When Will i Get Married, Ask Now

The individual who get stuck up and couldn't find the correct path, to move on they look forward to certain help that will help them to get their required answers and they can reach up to certain point and get what answer they are seeking. Astrology is much wider perspective and individual turn up to it for easy and wide solutions.

Why To Choose Astrology To Get Your Answers:

- Astrology helps to tell how and in which way the individual can find the solution.

- If one is getting married then astrology by birth charts, Kundli, and other ways can describe that whether coming relation will bring happiness or sorrow.

- One is facing problem while taking their relationship to the marriage then astrology can submit the remedies, after which the problems can solve or lessen.

- When the individual look forward to getting married but faces the complication in happening of marriage then they look forward to best advice, then astrology is for answering you.

- Lalkitab is one part of astrology which offers easy solution that can an individual to have an early marriage. So below are the remedies which will help the native who is looking forward for the early marriage.

What Exactly is Lalkitab:         Go for Kundali Matching

- Lalkitab is one important part of an astrological system, it explains the simple remedies which help boy or girl to get married at best age.

- It is shared by most of the astrologers that they receive more than one request of marriage prediction. It is said that Lal Kitab remedies are easy to perform and if someone is facing it may easily follow.

- As Astrology Suggest that a slight wrong remedy can affect the planets, so go sincerely thought given below Lalkitab remedy which will help you to grow.

So follow below some of the given remedies which are easy and simple , the native can easily perform.

- Firstly, whether it is boy or girl should put some turmeric ( Haldi) in their bathing water and make sure they don't forget to put turmeric tilak on forehead after taking the bah. This must be followed on regular basis.

- Secondly, this one is for girls they should wear the yellow color clothes on thursday and white on friday, when the discussion of the marriage is taking place or formalities of meeting boys side going on.

- Thirdly, again this can be performed by both girl or by, this particular remedy should be started on the thursday of the shukla paksha. In the process of this remedy one should take five different sweets, one green cardamom, pure desi ghee lamp, water( jal). Visit banyan tree then offer water afterward offer the sweets, cardamom then lit the diya and pray for the early marriage religiously.

- Fourthly, this also can be performed by both girl and boy, they should offer some money to the eunuch on wednesday and feed green grass to cow on daily basis.

- Fifthly, Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati should be worshiped on daily basis, the native should offer raw milk, wood apple leave ( bel patra), rice, vermilion, and pray for their desired matrimony. The native can also offer the chunni, bangles both in red color and sindur to maa parvati and to ask her bless you.

- The boy or girl who are looking forward to get married, whenever they go to marriage they should try to put the mehndi which is for bride or groom, this bring the luck for the native who is looking to get married.

- The girl who wants early marriage, should keep the fast on 16 consecutive mondays of lord shiva and offer the ganges water ( ganga jal ) to the shivlinga for positive impact.

- Lastly, but not least if the natives marriage negotiation is breaking repeatedly at the final stage then make sure that next time when you enter the room where your marriage discussion is going on leave the slippers outside the room.

The above are some of the simple remedies which can be easily performed the individual and relieve them from the stress of getting married. These remedies can relieve the parents who are worried that when their son or daughter will get married and do they will get married on time.

the stress of delay marriage as part of individual as well as their parent's life, the astrology is one way to find the unanswered answers which give the tit bit relaxation to the individual and their family but to make sure that you take the help of the right astrologer. A learned astrologer will tell the ways which are not just easy but effective and will provide the better and efficient result.

You might have read this easy remedies which will help, but if still have confusions that need to resolve then you must get in touch with the experts. This specialist has detailed knowledge and has years of practice in helping an individual who is stuck in the situation like this.

So, if you are looking forward to getting in touch with someone who will listen to your issue and help you and provide the remedies then it's time to consult the specialist of akashvani today only. Here you will find the team of the professional and learned astrologer who will make sure that you get the most relevant and useful help.

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