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Frequently fall sick, can astrology suggest any reasons and remedies

A horoscope is helpful to forecast the wealth, life, marriage, health, career and also shows us to find the ways to get best result. Astrology (called Jyotish in Hindi) means light of God. But we all know that without good health all other are less worthy for us. There is also one popular Indian quote about health is “the first happiness in life is having a good health”. There are many medical astrology remedies invented in ancient time and are being using till now to cure the sickness. Take a glance at the medical astrology prediction and the remedies to gain good health.

If you are frequently falling sick and not getting any way to stop sickness, then check out the Vedic astrology health report. In many Indian scriptures it is described that our karma or our actions result in making the destiny of us. Illness is the unfortunate result of our karma and every disease resembles our bad karma. God assigned powers to the planets to give inauspicious and good results based on our karma.

The horoscope is the key to check and forecast the results of our lives and health. For medical astrology prediction, we have given the information through astrological way. As illness increases, it is important to understand the astrological aspects which adds some extra protection to our lives. We have furnished the health forecast astrology and remedies to gain good health.

What are the reasons for falling sick?

One has to know that the reason for long term illness that are hard to treat always lies in the negative karma from our past lives. If the person’s main planet is weak, it also resembles the one susceptible to illness by reducing the immunity. Anyone who has Vish yog, which means Shani and Moon conjunct in their birth chart or if Rahu and Moon conjunct or if the Mercury is highly influenced by Rahu, then people will easily infect by others or by negativity in the air.

In addition to this, if the planets which cause illness in your birth chart, becoming strong it may result in long term illness. For instance, a negative Rahu, Moon, Shani, Kethu or Venus can cause illness and makes to do things like eat wrong kind of foods, drinking excess alcohol and much more. And at last, it may result in illness and mostly influence the health of a person. In order to avoid this, one has to follow health remedies astrology without skipping.

What are the signs of illness on Palm?

  • Anyone who sweats a lot on their palm, it is not a good sign of health. So make sure to be careful about your health.

  • If your thumb bends towards the index finger it shows that you have low immunity and willpower.

  • A lifeline which is not properly rounded and goes straight down on the palm also shows the low immunity sign in the body.

  • If a life line has many cuts on it, results in potential illness.

  • If you have any islands on life line or on the heart that denotes some kind of illness.

  • If you have any mole or star on the mount of the moon, it denotes problems.

Health Remedies Astrology for a Good Health

  • Watch the daily Sun rise and recite Gayatri Mantra everyday.

  • Every day, do nadi shodhan.

  • Never put a water jug with full of water in the middle of the house or on the dining table.

  • There should not be any water spilled at your house entrance. Always keep the place as dry as possible.

  • If you are facing long term illness then start doing "garud puraan paath" or  "mahamrityunjaya jap" or "gayatri" yagya "sundarkaand paath" or "druga saptashati". There are very powerful to cure illness and make sure to note them in my health predictions list.

  • Always keep your cooking stove in the South-East direction. If you are not able to make modifications, then face towards the South East direction while cooking.

  • Don’t forget to take out the trash of kitchen before sleeping and never keep it in the home.

  • Always keep the colour of your main planet with you.

  • People with Moon signs such as Aries, Virgo, Cancer, Aquarius, Scorpio, Pisces need to very careful about their health.


Along with the above mentioned remedies, people have to take general precautions in order to avoid falling sick frequently. Always take medical advice if you are feeling sick without late. Keep kapoor whenever you are going out and use boiled neem leaves as a sanitizer. And one has to remember that the medical astrology prediction goes correct or true always.

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