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Foreign travel or foreign settlement in 2020?

Foreign travel or foreign settlement in 2020, what astrology says about every zodiac sign ?

With the old year coming to an end and the New Year 2020 starting in a few days, mostly all individuals want to know various things with the help of Vedic astrology. One of the questions would be regarding career in foreign country or foreign settlement. In this year some are destined to leave home for short periods of stay whereas some will get a career opportunity abroad and settle there.

It is our Career horoscope which can tell us if we will go abroad for a short trip or permanent settlement. The 9th and 12th House of our Career astrology 2020 chart are the main Houses for foreign travel and settlement. Both the Houses are owned by Jupiter and we can say that Jupiter is the main planet for foreign travel apart from other planets related to foreign travel.

Houses for foreign travel

  • 3rd House – This House tells us about short travels. This House is the 12th to the 4th House of family so it can be house for foreign travels due to planetary combinations like the Lord of the 12th House being in the 3rd.
  • 4th House–Suppose there is malefic influence in the 4th House of home and motherland, then it denotes that the person will move out of the house.
  • 9th House – This House tells us about long journeys. The 9th House usually tells us about foreign travel for purposes like study, job or vacation.
  • 12th House - .  This House tells us about foreign lands and settlement. The 12th House tells us about foreign settlement.

Foreign travels and foreign settlement should be studied in a different manner.

Rashis are of three types

  • Chara Rashi or Signs that are Moveable - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn
  • Sthira Rashi or Signs that are fixed - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Dual Signs which are both Moveable or Fixed - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Moveable signs usually would get a chance to move out of the birth place. They could travel short journeys or long ones. They would move a lot like change in place, changes in life who have more planets in moveable rashis.

Dual signs have less chance of travel but chances of settlement are less for these rashis.

These Signs are again divided according to their elements like

  • Fire - This element represents Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
  • Earth- This element represents Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
  • Air-This element represents Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
  • Water-This element represents Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.


The Cancer sign is very important as it denotes the homeland. Any affliction to the sign of Cancerdenotes the chance for leaving the homeland. As the Moon is the ruler of Cancer and any affliction to the Moon shows the chances to leave home for work or for studies.

Even though Jupiter rules the 9th and 12th House, it is Rahu and Ketu that indicate the chances for foreign travels.

Let’s have a peek at the career prediction for foreign travel and foreign settlement as per Career astrology 2020.

  • ARIES -The year 2020 would offer individuals born under this sign frequent short trips and journeys. There are chances of traveling for work to foreign places. Trips after September are very profitable for these individuals.
  • TAURUS- The year 2020 starts with chances of short and unprofitable trips to Taurus individuals. Travel undertaken with partner helps improve relations with them. The month of March or April shows a pilgrimage with their parents. High chance of foreign travel after August is seen.
  • GEMINI- Individuals born under the sign of Gemini have many short trips in the year of 2020. There are high chances of foreign trips to holy places with family after March. These short rips help them stay in good health and bring financial benefits to them.
  • CANCER – Cancer individuals are advised to keep away from short wasteful trips which would occur frequently. These could be high risks of wasteful expenses which gives them stress later in the year 2020. Management of trips in a correct manner is advised so that multiple trips are avoided for the same work.
  • LEO– The year 2020 indicates frequent trips in 2020 for Leo individual with high probability for foreign travel. The travel will be work related bringing desired profits. Travelling will also help them expand business and their network in order to carry out successfully.
  • VIRGO – The zodiac sign Virgo doesn’t have much travelling in 2020. The trips undertaken may not give desired and expected rewards. Avoid all short trips. Trips related to work also would not give desired results.
  • LIBRA – Libra individuals will bring their travelling fantasies to life in 2020. There is high possibility of short travel and foreign travel but work related travel may not be profitable. New projects and successful gains are expected after mid-2019.  The 2020 career predictions also indicate that the Libra individuals might settle abroad permanently.
  • SCORPIO– Lot of travel expected for the Scorpio individual in 2020. Many religious journeys are expected. From March, expect foreign trips to increase the expenses and mental stress. Long distance travel is best avoided to be in good health. Arguments and clashes to be avoided on a trip with anybody.
  • SAGITTARIUS – The beginning of 2020 gives the Sagittarius a limited number of travel options. Sagittarius individuals should take care of their health while traveling. Plans with friends may be stressful and confusing. The 2020 horoscope indicates that the Sagittarius individual may travel abroad with family by the end of the year.
  • CAPRICORNThe year 2020 doesn’t show much travel prospects for the Capricorn individual. There is high possibility of travel plans being delayed. After completion of first half of the year, there will be an improvement and difficulties will be resolved. Several trips will have to be made for the same work as the year draws to a close.
  • AQUARIUS – The Aquarius individual will have frequent travels for themselves throughout the entire year. Religious journeys are predicted with family. Work related trips give success and profit. A long trip for studies or profession is indicated.
  • PISCES  - In the year 2020, the Pisces individual would benefit in terms of travel. The mode of transport will be more by water than any other mode of transport. Air travel is least recommended for Pisces individual. The career horoscope indicates a lot of trips for business purposes.


With the help of Foreign travel horoscope 2020, we can know if travel abroad is indicated for an individual. For more, consult our expert astrologers

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