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Extra Marital Relationship!

The prince might have an affair outside his marriage.  Ah! It is a household issue!

We did some mock conversations and found that these days’ couples have plenty of reasons, mainly lack of love between each other. It is easy to blame the person at fault, it is easy to blame our conditions be it lack of love, unsatisfactory sex, lack of time for each other, financial pressure, or a status symbol.

Well, have we ever thought that it could be due to the planetary positions? Illicit or impermissible relation does have a connection with our stars and planets. It is not a myth; our fate and planets can be the source behind illicit relation.

Which planets or stars work behind the unfaithful relation?

Maybe the root cause of any broken relation is lack of trust and respect for each other. During these days, the lifestyle of an individual is extremely stressful and fast. People are working beyond their capacity to meet their desires and in the process; they all end up unsatisfied with their partners. It can be due to lack of money, mental and physical disconnect or can be due to societal pressure.

We will discuss this common issue based on Ancient Vedic astrology.  The reason being recently our team of experienced astrologers came across clients who are suffering and disturbed by this issue for decades. The reason proclaimed is mainly due to fast life style running after both the materialistic and physical pleasure. Especially these days with social networking sites people are more prone to unhealthy relations. The question is why people get into such relation. Why such thing happens? Does their birth chart indicate that they will get attracted to extra marital affair?  Is there any particular star or planet that has a huge influence on the individual?

However, the reasons found behind these cases were more to do with their planetary positions.

According to Vedic astrology method, there is an influence of Mars, Rahu or Ketu in 4th, 6th, 12th house or 5th from 7th house or 5th of 7th is influenced by malefic planets or Jupiter and Venus. Connection in 5th of 7th House indicates that people will suffer from extramarital relation. If 7th or 2nd lord is influenced by Venus, or Venus is in this place. In addition, 10th lord is in 7th with Venus the person will fall Into impermissible relation due to strong sexual desire.

We can very well examine these factors from a person’s birth chart, astrologers have done a deep study of the horoscope and found the root cause. For example, recently we had a client who has been suffering from this due to her husband’s lifestyle. Our team worked on his birth chart and found reasons based on Vedic astrology.

Another case, where in an established doctor having a loving family, friends and plenty of wealth was indulged in illicit relation. The reason being the stars in his natal chart.

Let us see what was the position of planets in his birth chart;

*Sun and Mercury in 7th house

* 7th lord Venus in 6th with Saturn & Jupiter

*The person was having Rahu’s Mahadasha and Mercury’s Antar Dasaha

*In addition to the above 7th house is surrounded by Saturn and Mars, which is a malefic effect on its own.

If we study the birth chart deeply we can find that, 7th Lord Mars is in 4th with Rahu infected, Mars has worked like catalyst to connect Venus and Rahu, So in natal chart Venus, Rahu & Mars are connected. This indicates lack of moral and ethical character. Such person will be involved in extra marital relationships.

This kind of association of planets indicates person is has illicit physical relation at that point of time without mental obligation. This was revealed after studying the horoscope in detail and when confronted the wife did express her grievance and was looking for solutions. In such circumstance the person involved with impermissible relation does not have any guilt or burden as he feels that this is a need and one can work towards the same.  In addition, if we based it on astrology, then in that case, it has all decided by the almighty.

Looking at a larger picture, one cannot hurt and spoil the life of their family members for their pleasure. It is unhealthy for the mind as well for the body. One must seek solutions to such problems based on horoscope so that precautionary measures can be taken and the other partner is aware and will be able to handle.

It is always advisable to get you and your partner’s horoscope studied from an experienced astrologer to have a smooth and loving life.

 Our Astrologer at aakashvaani guided the client by giving them meditation tips and mantras for the peace of mind, daily Puja and recommended stones to wear.

In a nutshell, yes based on astrology one can very well know if  your partner can cheat on you!

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