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manglik dosh

Explain the Various Remedies for manglik dosh in detail

In India, mainly Hindu marriages, the marriage is decided to proceed with only after ascertaining the horoscopes of both the bride and the groom. The ‘lagna charts’ are made, and it is observed whether either one or both the individuals are Manglik or not. This is one of the main factors which determine whether the marriage of the couple would be successful of not. Often, if there is not good compatibility in the horoscopes of the couple, the marriage is called off.

What is manglik dosh?

A person is said to be a manglik if they have the planet Mars positioned in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 10th houses, out of the 12 houses present. If the planet Mars is placed in either the 1st, 2nd, 4th or 10th houses, the individual is said to have a mild Manglik dosh or a low Mangal Dosh. If the planet Mars is however placed in the 7th or 8th house, the individual has a greater Mangal Dosh.

How does Manglik dosh influence the marriage of a couple?

It is believed that if an individual, either a man or a woman is a Manglik, then their marriage to a Non Manglik would not be a success. It could have severe consequences, and even lead to the untimely death of their spouse. The marriage would be a troubled one filled with arguments, abuse and even physical violence. The marriage would lead to separation or divorce. Those who have manglik dosh would also have a great deal of turmoil on their professional front, and suffer from a lot of financial losses.

However, if a Manglik was to get married to another Manglik, it is said that the effects would nullify each other.

What are the remedies for Manglik Dosh?

Even if an individual is a Manglik, it does not mean that their marriage or relationships are heading towards sure doom. There are several remedies that can cure the ill effects of Manglik Dosh. Here are some of the most popularly believed remedies of Manglik Dosh:

  1. A marriage between two Manglik people-

This is said to be one of the easiest and most sure shot ways of mitigating the ill effects of Manglik Dosh. If two Manglik people were to get married to each other, the ill effects of their Manglik Dosh would cancel each other out, and they would have a smooth and successful relationship.

  1. Marriage to a tree- (Kumbh Vivah)

There is a staunch belief around the statement that a Manglik individual’s first marriage would lead to the untimely death of their spouse. Their second marriage however, would be a more successful one. In order to follow this belief, a Manglik person is allotted to get married to a tree, mainly a banana tree, a peepal tree or a golden or silver idol or Lord Vishnu, before getting married to their actual spouse. This put all the ill effects of their Manglik Dosh on the tree, and thus allows the couple to have a happy and healthy ‘second’ marriage.

  1. Fasting-

It is believed that fasting on Tuesdays and eating only toor daal on this day would lead to the eventual nullification of their Manglik Dosh.

  1. Gemstones-

Wearing a red coral gemstone on a gold ring on the ring finger of the right hand of the Manglik person would help in remedying their Manglik Dosh. It would slowly reduce the ill effects of their Manglik Dosh and allow their future relationship and marriage to be successful and without any turmoil.

  1. Where Mars is placed in the horoscope-

It is said that if the placement of the planet Mars is in Aries or Mesh, then the Manglik dosh is no longer compelling. This is because Mars is situated in its own house, and this nullifies the ill effects of Mars on the individual.

  1. Performing pujas and prayers in temples-

One can diminish the ill effects of Mars by offering their prayers and performing puja at the Navgraha temple. There are just a handful of temples in India which are dedicated to Lord Mangal. Some of the most popular temples dedicated to Lord Mangal are located in Tamil Nadu. A few other temples can be found in Guwahati, Assam. Performing puja in these temples on a Tuesday can be beneficial in decreasing the ill effects of Manglik Dosh. Visiting the sanctuary of Lord Hanuman on Tuesday’s can have the same effects in decreasing the malefic results produced by the positioning of Mars in the individuals lagna chart.

  1. Chanting-

Individuals can cut off the negative effects of Manglik Dosh by chanting the mantra of Navgraha. This is said to pacify the wrong positioning of Mangal in their horoscope, allowing them to lead a happy life and marriage.

By following these simple remedies, an individual with Manglik Dosh can easily nullify the ill effects of Mars in their lagna chart.

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