Effective Astrological Remedies For Bad Luck

1. 9th house in birth chart belongs to fate/luck/destiny, any malefic affliction on this house creates bad luck

The 9th house is associated with fate, luck, and destiny. Malefic influences on this house can lead to perceived bad luck. To counteract this, astrological remedies are recommended. Wearing yellow sapphire or topaz, both associated with Jupiter, the planet governing luck, is believed to bring positive energy. Additionally, chanting Jupiter's mantra, "Om Guruve Namah," may help alleviate negative effects. Acts of charity and helping others can also appease Jupiter's influence. Astrology enthusiasts often turn to these remedies to enhance the positive aspects of the 9th house, fostering better fortune and aligning with their destiny.

2. Position of 9th house lord is very important, if it is posited in quadrant and trine with benefits then luck will be favorable

The positioning of the 9th house lord in astrology plays a pivotal role in shaping one's luck. If it resides in a quadrant or trine alongside benefic planets, favorable luck is anticipated. Remedies for mitigating bad luck involve strengthening the auspicious alignment. Worshiping the ruling deity of the 9th house, typically associated with Jupiter, through rituals and prayers is recommended. Wearing a yellow sapphire or topaz, gemstones linked to Jupiter, can enhance positive cosmic vibrations. Donating to charitable causes and engaging in selfless acts may further appease planetary influences. These astrological remedies aim to harmonize the celestial forces, fostering a more auspicious destiny.

3. In kaal purush kundli, jupiter is the lord of bhagya bhaav, placement of jupiter plays a great role in while checking fate of native, placement of unafflicted jupiter in good houses enhances luck

In the Kaal Purush Kundli, Jupiter governs the Bhagya Bhava (house of luck). The positioning of Jupiter significantly influences the fate of an individual. Placing an unafflicted Jupiter in favorable houses augments luck in astrology. Remedies for dispelling bad luck often involve propitiating Jupiter. Wearing a yellow sapphire or topaz, stones associated with Jupiter, can amplify positive energies. Regularly reciting Jupiter's mantra, "Om Guruve Namah," is believed to invoke benefic influences. Acts of kindness and charitable deeds are also recommended to appease Jupiter's cosmic energies. By aligning with these astrological remedies, individuals seek to enhance their fortune and destiny.

4. Lord sun blessings should be taken to enhance bhagya

The blessings of the Sun, the celestial lord of vitality and enlightenment, is believed to enhance one's Bhagya (luck). Remedies for dispelling bad luck often involve harnessing the positive energy of the Sun. Regularly practicing Sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) and offering water to the Sun during sunrise are considered auspicious. Wearing a ruby gemstone, associated with the Sun, is believed to strengthen its positive influences. Chanting the Sun's mantra, "Om Suryaya Namah," can further invite the radiant blessings. Embracing these astrological remedies aims to harmonize with the Sun's cosmic forces, fostering an improved and fortunate destiny.

5. Offer water to rising sun daily

A simple yet potent astrological remedy for dispelling bad luck involves the daily practice of offering water to the rising sun. This ritual, performed during sunrise, is believed to align individuals with positive solar energies. By presenting water to the sun, practitioners seek to invite its blessings and harmonize with the cosmic forces associated with vitality and positivity. This uncomplicated act is thought to cleanse and rejuvenate one's aura, fostering a more auspicious and fortunate path. Embracing the tradition of offering water to the rising sun is a symbolic gesture in astrology, symbolizing a desire for renewal and positive cosmic alignment.

6. Feed green grass to cows

In astrological remedies for bad luck, feeding green grass to cows is considered an auspicious practice. Cows are revered in Vedic astrology, and this act is believed to invoke positive cosmic energies. Offering fresh green grass to cows is thought to appease the governing planetary forces, bringing blessings and dispelling negative influences. Cows, seen as sacred animals, symbolize abundance and prosperity. This simple yet meaningful gesture aligns with the belief that acts of kindness towards these gentle creatures can enhance one's karma and attract positive vibrations. Embracing such practices reflects a desire for harmony with the natural and celestial elements.

7. Feed crows and dogs on wednesday and saturday

In astrology remedies for bad luck, feeding crows and dogs on Wednesday and Saturday is considered a propitious practice. These days are associated with the ruling planets Mercury and Saturn, respectively. Offering food to crows and dogs during these specific weekdays is believed to appease and align with the energies of these planetary influences. Crows and dogs hold significance in Vedic traditions, symbolizing messengers and guardians. By engaging in this ritual, individuals seek to balance and harmonize their cosmic energies, fostering positive vibes and dispelling ill fortune. This simple yet intentional act reflects a desire to connect with celestial forces for improved luck and well-being.

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