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Does Astrology Work in Marriage?

Does Astrology Work in Marriage?

Harmony, commitment, love, and a lot of other factors between a couple make a marriage successful. A lack of any one of these can result in a problematic marriage. For this reason, hundreds and thousands of people believe in astrology for marriage predictions

Astrology studies the position, effects, and impact of various planets in a person’s horoscope chart. You can know all marriage predictions by the birth chart in astrology. Astrology answers all queries like when will you get married, you will have an early marriage or delayed marriage, how will be your married life, how will be your spouse, dosh in your horoscope, and more other things.

For this reason, thousands and lakhs of people believe in marriage astrology!

How does Marriage Astrology work?

Marriage astrology considers the different aspects of married life, which can be predicted and issues related with the help of your horoscope. Astrology strongly suggests matching horoscopes for avoiding major issues in your marital status.

The various aspects that marriage astrology focuses on are:

  1. Marriage Astrology to Know Compatibility Between Partners

For absolute marital happiness, you and your partner must share physical, mental, and emotional compatibility. The temper, behavior, attitude, mindset, and physical attraction must be good enough for both partners for each other. 

There must be a physical attraction to know the level of desirability for a successful relationship. Astrology studies all these aspects in detail and lets you know the success quotient of your marriage. 

  1. Love or Arrange Marriage Prediction by Astrology

Astrology can help you know whether you will have an arranged marriage or a love marriage. If you have already chosen your partner, you can get your horoscopes matched to know whether the relationship will be successful or not.

Also, if there are problems in your love or arranged marriage, you can know appropriate solutions for the same through astrology. 

  1. Astrology to Know About Spouse/Life Partner

Marriage prediction using birth date is a great way to know about your life partner. It discovers you about the profession, nature, color, age, background, financial being, and other aspects of your partner. 

Moreover, predictions for marriage timing can be made with astrology. The best part is that you can learn about the infidelity or cheating tendencies of a person with his horoscope. 

  1. Astrology Tells About Delayed Marriage

As per astrology, every person has six cycles of a time period when she/he could get married. The cycle that converts into marriage depends on the strengths and impact of the planets. 

Various planetary combinations affect the marriage time and can lead to delays in marriage. By consulting a reputed astrologer, you can learn about causes of delay in marriage and discover astrological remedies for delayed marriage easily. 

  1. Astrology Discovers Negative Impact of Dashas on Your Marriage

There are various negative Dashas and Grahas that can impact the future and marriage of the couples. The future of a person is decided by his stars and planets that align at different positions in his horoscope. 

There are situations when negative Dashas can occur in your horoscope like Shani Dasha and Mangal Dasha. These Dashas result in issues in marriage. Astrology detects such Dashas and guides you to perform various Pujas to get rid of these problems. 

  1. Know Career Growth and Financial Status After Marriage Using Astrology

You can also know about the career progress and growth of your spouse with his horoscope. Bhakoot is the 7th guna, which indicates this effect. A married couple must enjoy financial stability. For this reason, we suggest matching the horoscopes before getting them married to know about all ups and downs and keep their future secured.

  1. Second Marriage Prediction by Astrology

A second marriage occurs when the houses and planets overlooking marriage in the horoscope are not good and there is a malefic effect of planets in the marriage house.

Usually, it is because of dosh in the 7th house, which is affected by Jupiter, Venus, and Karaka. The negative effects of these planets can be neutralized when the horoscope is matched with another horoscope having a strong positive impact on the planets. This counter-balances the overall impact. 

You can check second marriage predictions by astrology only with the help of an experienced astrologer. 

  1. Marriage Prediction by Birth Date

Your birth date can provide you with your horoscopes and let you all about your marriage. For this, the astrologer performs Gun Milan. It is believed that a Gun Milan score below 18 is unsuitable for a happy married life. 

Astrology talks a lot about your successful and happy married life. However, you must get your horoscope analyzed and matched by a knowledgeable and renowned astrologer. Marriage is a life-long relationship. Hence, take every step carefully and enough time to tie the knot for enjoying a wonderful future lifetime.

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