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Does Astrology or our Kundali can predict about our future?

A very common question with everyone, does Astrology works? Will astrology tell me about my love life? Should I relay on astrology for important decision. Does my stars are favourable for a new business? I am looking for a job, which is the good time? How much financial help I can get this year based on astrology and many more.

Astrology is like a door that opens to a whole new world. It is like an instant solution to many problems in life. It brings peace of mind, relief, and self-understanding and brings clarity to your life. Often when in trouble people search for good astrologers who can work out the best solution in terms of time, date, month, year to bring success and victory in their lives.

        Janam Kundali

Astrology can help you understand your life more logically, scientifically and spiritually too. It is not a myth or just a medium for consolation during your bad times. Rather it can show you many things in your life from your career, relationship to your wedding date, having children, getting pregnant, your financial pattern to an extent it will make you prepare to face the unexpected times as well guide you to have a healthy mind and body. What is important is to have faith and believe in your stars. Astrology says that your birth date, time is the gift you have received from the universe. It has all the power to lead you to a peaceful and glorious life.

What a good Astrologer needs is the exact birth date, time and place. Based on this limited information they make predictions about your destiny and sometimes it gives predictions which are beyond the comprehension of modern science.  Astrology revolves around stars, planets and this is a subject which is more than 2000 years old. Astronomy and Astrology are same science and was introduced in 4th century B.C.  During the Ancient time astrology was always in use for prediction  it is said that even when ‘Gautama Buddha’ was born during his birth celebration the astrologers have made predictions ‘the child would either become a great king (chakravartin) or a great sadhu.(source: Narada 1992)

      Kundali Matching

We all can relate to this prediction and we all know him as a complete human being.  So Astrology as a subject has always been used and well believed by our ancestors there is so much one can do with the help of this subject. The predictions are made based on the birth chart which includes the most important is the position of the SUN the Planet. Many times we keep reading our horoscope based on our zodiac signs however predictions are not made based on zodiacs rather a good and fruitful predictions can only be made when one studies the positions of other planets from your kundali or birth chart.

Some Astrologers do publish horoscopes based on your rising sign. First step towards the right direction, but they still have no idea where the other planets were when you were born. So for accurate predictions ones need the Kundali. Accurate predictions will help you to revive as well improve your life.

Astrology has brilliant roots, but not everyone tends to believe or enjoy the benefits with equal reverence. Share your exact birth time with a well-educated and experienced astrologer to study your kundali. A good one will spend an hour or more examining your birth chart before meeting with you to shed light on your biggest life questions with hope to brighten your path.

Astrology can predict much aspect of our lives, to make it simpler it can tell you about our physical appearance, body, complexion, intelligence, strengths & weakness. Your birth chart can reveal about finances, family lineage, current relationships, health related to your family members, siblings, relatives, parental pressure, overall health, family values, quality of your ancestors, kind of karma has been made by our past, quality of our behaviour, voice, and other facial features that can work positive as well negative for us.

          Career Astrology

Our horoscope can help us know our good times and how we can utilise our good and bad times to enhance our life as well our personality. It will give the clear picture about our courage and mental strength or the capacity one has to handle unconformable situation in life. It will guide you towards your goals, primary education and which path one should choose to have a successful career, occupation and if desires for higher education too. There are people who have utilised this subject so beautifully with full faith that they have experienced the benefits in all forms materialistic pleasure as well have walked the path of spirituality.

Honestly, the fact is if you have important questions about your future, you can get them answered through Astrology.

The results are in abundance, you need to have faith in this subject and give Astrology a chance to change your life forever.

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