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Constantly struggling with back pain, Can astrology suggest reasons and suggestions to improve?

Due to fast life and busy schedule, we end up ignoring our health. And later in our 40s, we end up constantly struggling with back pain. A backache mostly occurs in the winters in all age groups. However, for all those who are in constant pain and without relief in spite of medical treatments, should consider health forecast astrology. There are online horoscope portals which offer free medical astrology reading including services like my health predictions, Vedic Astrology health report.

A few reasons both medical astrology prediction and science believe are sleeping or studying for long hours in the wrong posture, wearing high heels most of the time, being overweight, long driving hours and rigorous sports or exercise. Usually, we face three back pains: pain in the lower back or center back or upper back. Commonly, lower back pain is caused due to too much tightening of muscles. If Sun is weak in your horoscope, you may have pain in the spinal cord or a backache.

The main causes of your back pain according to Vedic Astrology is because of afflictions to Capricorn, afflictions to the 6th house,6th Lord ,Jupiter (Guru) and Virgo and Mercury (Budha) as Virgo's Lord which are considered to be karakas for a region circling the navel and thus including the lower back . Any Vedic astrology health report would check the 6th house of your chart for back pain and the planets involved are Saturn (Shani) and sometimes Ketu in 8th house.

Whenever the effects of Venus (Shukra) increase on the body or when Mars (Mangala) turns negative, then the body pains trouble more. If Moon (Chandra) joins Venus, then it usually leads to constant lower back pain.

Therefore, we have provided a few medical astrology remedies to help you improve your health and lessen the back pain. You may prefer bathing in salty water. Wet your body with the saline water and rinse it off with normal water after 2 minutes. The simplest way is to visit nearby ocean or sea beach and cover yourself with the sand from the ocean all the way up to your neck and stay there for a while (sunbathing).

•     Get a body massage done - a clay massage would be more useful since you’re covered in clay for some time or try massaging with the thumb.

•    Intake of turmeric. You may mix it with milk or water, in case milk causes constipation.

•    If you have constipation, take munakka that has soaked in water twice daily (in the evening and morning).

•    Take some "dashmool" under medical supervision.

•    Grind 2 spoons of wheat grain, 1 spoon of Khas-khas, and a spoon of coriander seeds and cook them in half a cup of milk on a low flame. Eating this mixture can be useful for all those dancers or sportsperson with back pain.

•    People, mainly women are more prone to back pain, should be careful while lifting heavy objects. You may avoid bending over instead try sitting on your feet and then lifting them. Don’t lift objects suddenly or with a jerk.

•    Try drinking 3 liters of water daily. Use coconut oil before bathing in cold water.

•    Keep an energized Shani Yantra on the body and chanting any Shani mantra is useful.

•    The juice of the plant Gorakhmundi (Sphaeranthus Indicus) can be applied to the affected area on a Saturday (the weekly day of Saturn).

•    Keep a dried piece of the Peepal tree’s root (Sacred Fig tree) wrapped in a piece of black colored cloth, under your pillow.

•    Feed stray dogs in case you’re affected by Ketu. Tie a white thread in your left and right big toes for some days

•    Avoid alcohol and start taking calcium. Apply glycerin before sleeping.

All the above health remedies astrology will be quite helpful. There’s a special Homeopath remedy as well to free you from the back pain. You may use Rheuma- Saj, a Homeopathy pain relieving oil, which is easily available in any Homeopathy shops.

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