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Communication in marriage

Communication in marriage can resolve various issues. How astrology sees that

Communication plays a critical role in sustaining every relationship.
Of all the important relationships we have in life, marriage may be the one relationship where clear communication between two partners or the lack of it can make or break the relationship.

In modern life, we are well connected to each other via electronic media like email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. You can call this an overdose of communication channels. Yet this is not being really connected.

To communicate and really connect with another person, in such a way that your message is delivered correctly, courageously yet gently can give the correct outcome you are hoping for. Some people are naturally blessed with this trait. Such people can use their words and body language to immediately make others feel comfortable, confident and make them open up feeling secure. Others who are not blessed with the inborn trait of good speech, end up creating misunderstandings and ego-clashes. Arguments and fights rule their life and every day the distance between their partner and them can increase, until one day it comes to a point of no-return, and they have to separate.

People can never forget how you make them feel with your words. Ego once hurt can take years to repair. Good communication has to be learnt and practiced to save relationships. The good news is that it is a skill which can be learnt.

What is the link between communication in relationships and astrology?

In marriage astrology in particular, the ability to communicate well between the two partners is given close attention due to the importance of this quality to make or mar the relationship.

A good matching of kundalis of prospective partners takes a look at this aspect in advance.

  • In vedic astrology, planet Mercury is the significator of speech.
  • The 5th house is the celebrated house of intellect and generally mercury is seen as the planet of ‘buddhi’ or intelligence. It is only when you have intelligence to say the right thing that you can become a good communicator
  • Weak saturn, sun and combination of mercury and rahu cause unpleasant speech if they are in the wrong house or in a conflicting stance.
  • The effect of Mars shows someone who uses much abusive language when he/she talks. They can be barbaric and emotionless in their speech, often speaking without any reason. Negative effects of mars and ketu can break down marriages
  • Jupiter signifies wisdom in speech and the person with an auspicious Jupiter can have sensitive, loving and respectful speech. Also, they have the ability that what they say does come true in the future at times.
  • If the 2nd lord is in a fiery sign or if the three fiery planets (Sun, Ketu and Mars) are aspecting the second house or if the 2nd house from Moon being a fiery sign has three fiery planets in it, communication is impacted. There are many such aspects and transits which can cause issues.

Some astrological remedies for pleasing communication and speech

  • Eat sweet curd every morning. The quantity is not important, even a spoon a day will do. If possible, make it sweet by jaggery and not refined sugar.
  • Practise meditation – on a consistent basis, without missing a single day.
  • Practise silence - especially during mauni amavsaya and practise half day or full-day silence for a particular day of the week.
  • Focus on your personal diety or Istadevatha such as Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu etc and pray to them to remove your weakness in communication.
  • Worshipping Goddess Saraswati and offering Her white flowers would help in controlling emotional outburst and harsh language.
  • Performing rudra-abhishek puja, at least once a month would sooth the negative effect of Mars and Ketu.
  • Chanting ‘rudra-sookt paath’, brings calmness to the mind and tongue
  • Avoid eating after sunset, spicy and non-vegetarian foods. Do not eat cold or stale food also.

If you are aware that communication is an issue in your marriage – the lack of communication, misunderstood communication or style of communication is the issue, an expert astrologer can actually pinpoint the planetary influences causing these problems. Steps can be advised to increase the strength of auspicious planets, and reduce the malefic influence of inauspicious planets. Astrology can in a nutshell, give you the power to save the marriage.

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