How I can Get child birth prediction from horoscope through astrology

How I Can Get Child Birth Prediction From Horoscope Through Astrology

Child Birth Prediction

Birth of a child gives the marriage stability. It ensures that family traditions are carried on to the next generation. People make use of child birth astrology to make predictions about children. Let’s have a look at some queries asked in general by people regarding the baby astrology by date of birth.

Is birth of a child in store for me?

This is the most common question asked by couples when they approach an astrologer for pregnancy prediction by date of birth.  

5th House:

The astrologer would look at the 5th house in the birth chart as it is indicative of chances of bearing progeny. The astrologer mainly looks for association with planets like Moon, Venus and Jupiter which are significant for conception. Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are not so favourable for conception if situated in the fifth house.

Another thing the astrologer would study is the placement of Jupiter in the horoscope.  If Jupiter is placed in a weak house like 6th, 8th or 12th house, or is in aspect like conjunction with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, it indicated less chances of having a child.

Study the sign of your 5th house: 

If the sign of the 6th House is Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, it is indicative of many children whereas Leo, Aries and Virgo are less fruitful signs.  The other signs give mixed results.

Study of the 7th, 8th and 9th house for health and sexual activity:

Benefic planets like Moon, Jupiter and Venus placed in these houses indicate good chances of a happy and healthy pregnancy and no problems in birth.  On the other hand planets like Mars, Rahu and Ketu placed in these houses give less chances of pregnancy or having a pleasant childbirth. Also study the 1st House as it indicates your own health and health of your ancestors.

Study for Jupiter in multiple times in your birth chart for better chance of getting pregnant.

Jupiter in astrology is known to represent growth, expansion, good fortune, prosperity, healing and miracles. Thus, when Jupiter is in birth chart multiple times, chances of having a child soon are present.

Child’s due date can be predicted by 5th and 9th House:

To check the due date of the child’s birth, study the 5th and 9th house of both parents’ horoscope. Presence of Jupiter and / or Saturn in these houses indicates that the birth of the child would be approximately 9 months after studying the charts.  Also, if Mars is present in either of the parents’ birth chart in any of these houses, then the child’s birth will be after around 2.5 months from date of reading of chart.

Some of the Positive traits in a horoscope are studied for Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • If a fertile sign is present in the 5th House.

  • Good placement of Jupiter in the horoscope.

  • Aspect of Jupiter in the 5th House

  • Presence of the 5th house Lord in the 1st house or the 1st house Lord present in the 5th house.

But, the obstacles in the path of having a successful pregnancy and childbirth are more and need to be looked at from various angles. As noticed above, Jupiter is a very important planet that indicates pregnancy & childbirth. Jupiter’s position in any of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses then it causes serious obstacles in childbirth.

Can number of children be predicted?

Easiest and simplest way of predicting number of children is to check the number of planets placed in the house.  The number of children is equal to the number of planets present in that house. There is an exception that if Jupiter is present in the fifth house it could be any number of children as this is the planet of abundance.

Can we know the sex of the child that will be born?

Many ways are there in pregnancy prediction astrology to calculate the sex. Again here we need to study Jupiter as this planet signifies a baby. Thus, at time of conceiving of the child, position of Jupiter is studied to determine the baby’s gender. If at this period, Jupiter is in a female sign or aspects any female planet, it is indicative of a baby girl and aspect with a male planet or is positioned in a male sign then it indicates birth of a baby boy. 

Can child’s characteristics be predicted?

This answer can be both yes and no. Vedic Astrology usually focuses on life events rather than character traits. Also to know characteristics of a person, we need to study their birth chart which is not possible as the child is not yet born. A way of predicting characteristics of the child is to study the probable period of birth and then see the corresponding sun sign. Like if the baby is going to be born in beginning of March, the sun sign would be Pisces so the child would have characteristics of Pisces.

For more details on the above topic, we have expert astrologers to guide you.

Houses in Kundli that signify Child Birth

Astrologically, houses involved in the birth of a child are

  • 2nd House: It signifies family

  • 5th House: It is the prime house of the baby.

  • 11th House: When along with the 2nd and or 5th houses, the 11th house signifies the gain of children.

Here, it must also be noted that the influence of houses 1st, 4th and 10th by planets indicate that the native is not likely to have a child. Therefore, in the horoscopes of husband & wife, all planets are looked at to analyze their results based on a number of factors such as:

  • The houses that they are placed in

  • Their Lordships of houses

  • The aspects that they are casting and the aspects that are being cast upon them

  • Their conjunctions with other planets

  • Nakshatras that the planets are into and much more

So is it safe to say that planets having their effects in 2nd, 5th, & 11th houses promote childbirth and planets having their effects in 1st, 4th & 10th houses negate childbirth? It might be. However, there are way too many factors that are to be considered before reaching any conclusion. These factors that influence are to be decoded by an expert astrologer which includes:

  • How will the pregnancy period pan out?

  • Is there a risk of miscarriage signified by the planets?

  • Is there a risk of abortion?

  • Will it be a natural birth or birth from a surgery?

  • Type of sign present in the 5th house

Malefics planets like Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu indicate a turbulent pregnancy period, a risk of abortion/miscarriage when they are operational in the Mahadasha, Dasha or Antardasha and also especially when they transit or aspect the 5th house. The Placement, aspect, and transits of Mars should be carefully analyzed in order to determine whether the child will be born by natural birth or through surgery.

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