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Causes of extra marital affairs according to astrology.

Causes of extra marital affairs according to astrology.

Suddenly, today I heard about Soumil and Aparnawho are having major problems in their married life. I was surprised to hear this piece of news. Soumil and Aparna were known in our friends circle as a couple made for each other.

Slowly, Aparna found changes in behaviour of Soumil towards her. He started coming home late from work. No more good bye kisses on way out to work. This was when she suspected something amiss and her doubts turned to be true.Soumil was found to be cheating on Aparna and having an extramarital affair with a colleague at work.Theirs being a love marriage, there was no kundali reading for marriage done. The trust or love Aparna had for Soumil was totally destroyed and this showed that Soumilwas not happy with Aparna in spite of them having had a love marriage.

How could such a thing happen? First, we have to look at the kundali matching by dateof both the horoscopes and understand where the problem was in the horoscope.

At time of marriage, it is essential to study both the horoscopes of the partners using the AshtakootaGuna Milan system.


The AshtakootGuna Milan system consists of 8 categories

  • Varna Koota–(1point)–This relates to the compatibility of the egos and also the spiritual development.
  • VasyaKoota–(2 points) – This would tell us about dominant partner in the relationship and also the magnetic attraction between the two.
  • Tara Koota–(3 points)–This tells u about the stars and the health, well-being and compatibility together.
  • Yoni Koota– ( 4 points ) – This tells about the sexual compatibility.
  • GrahaMaitriKoota–(5 points) – This tells us about the compatibility and love of the partners and tells us about the friendship between them.
  • GanaKoota–(6 points) – This tells about the outlook of both partners in life.
  • RashiKoota– (7 points) - This give details about relationship of Moon Sign and Nakshtras of the partners.
  • NadiKoota–(8 points) – This factor is about the progeny and health issues of the couple.

The main factor to be seen is the GrahaMaitriKoota. It is the 5thKoota in the AshtakootGuna Milan system and is about the compatibility and mutual love between the partners who desire to be married. Psychological or emotional compatibility is very important as it becomes easy for understanding and communication between the partners. If there is a good mental compatibility of the partners, there will be trust, acceptance and love in the relationship. A high GrahaMaitriKoota score is a good match as there will be fewer differences between the partners and is considered auspicious and increases the compatibility in marriage. A low GrahaMaitriKoota is inauspicious and denotes poor mental compatibility.

Apart from the AshtakootaGuna Milan system, we also have to study the planets and houses which give us details about extramarital affairs.

  • If Moon is in trine to Mercury, there are chances of extramarital affairs. Also, Venus is linked to extramarital affairs in astrology.
  • A combination of Mars and Venus in the sun sign Scorpio in the 9th House gives indication of extramarital affairs.
  • Moon in combination with Mars can incline a person towards cheating their partners and having extramarital affairs.
  • A weak Moon and Sun in the 4th House shows that the person has tendency towards secrets and would have illicit relations with older women. A combination of Moon and Venus hints at extramarital relations.
  • If there is a combination of Moon and Rahu in his or her Kundali it prevents the person from thinking rationally and could lead to illicit relations.
  • Venus is considered as the planet of love and romance. Venus in combination with Rahu or Mars increases passion and lust in a person’s life. This combination in signs like Scorpio, Aries, Libra and Gemini increase the chances of extramarital affair.
  • Combination of Moon and Mercury with Gemini which is the sign of love and romance indicates strong chances of illicit relationships. There are chances of exposure of illicit relations if the combination is in aspect with Saturn.
  • According to Vedic astrology, horoscopes have to be checked forPunarbhuDosha which is essentially the combination of the Moon and Saturn. This combination creates a lot of problems in the marital life and makes the partner cheat.

This was the exact mistake made by Soumil and Aparna that they did not get marriage prediction done bybest kundli matching before their marriage. If this had been done before marriage, it would have solved a lot of their problems.

So, it is essential to do kundali matching by dateof both the horoscopes before decision of marriage is taken.