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Sneak Peak To Reasons And Causes Of Delayed Marriage

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Ah, Soulmate hearing this single word raised ears from the every corner of room after hearing this word. Our  roller coaster ride of life has always become so busy that marriage have taken the backseat. As The parents of marriageable age boy and girl gets worried that whether their kids will get married off to nice person or not.

If we look around us there is one or other is facing the issue of delayed marriage, this can be discussed as one of hottest topic to considered  in our society among the individual who are at marriageable age. As Marriage is treated as one of most purest form of relationship which offers us totally new environment.

The marriage become one big question in front of the individuals as they are busy in making career and living their life, they delay the marriage and suffers the issues while getting married. Sometimes it happens that marriage is not getting delayed intentionally, but are trying to get married but the talks are not getting finalised. So, they worried for how to get solution and why there is delay in marriage.

Astrology is one way to guide that you get your all answers that why marriage is getting delayed and what can be cure for the cause. It is said that by seeing into birth chart can easily depicted that why there is delay in the marriage.

As per astrology, it is said that before marriage they should should look for matchmaking by date of birth, and prepare the birth chart which will tell the position of the planet. Astrologer suggest that one of the major query related to marriage comes infront of them is “”according to my date of birth when will i get married” as when they pass considerable they get worried that they will get marry.

The boys and girls kundli are totally different, the planets affecting them are also different, so planets functioning is also different for the both boy and girl.

According to the girl's kundli following given points will tell these points will cause delay in marriage:

  • In simple language the astrologer suggest that their is 7th house in charts is suggested for happy marriage which easily tell When will the marriage will happen.
  • It is said that the if natural malefic is in 7th house is said to be auspicious or in other words it can be said good.
  • Same in the situation if natural malefic planets are posited then the effect is not good.
  • There is much significance of saturn in the delay process of marriage.
  • As the speed in astrology is considered very much important in the movement of planet, saturn is said to slow planet.
  • In related to above point, if jupiter is affected by the saturn then marriage is said to be delayed.
  • If the jupiter is weak in girls chart.

As per the Boys kundli following given points will tell these points will cause delay in marriage:

There is not the issue in front of the girls and their parents when she doesn't get right type of groom, but boys also face issues. so , astrology doesn't comes up with solution for girls for marriage.

  • For girls, jupiter is said to be important planet in getting delay of marriage, then venus is for the boy in the delay.
  • When in boys venus is affected by saturn then their marriage will get delayed.
  • It is also said that if their 7th house is affected by the saturn then also marriage will happen after lot of trouble.
  • When Venus is weak in boys chart.

For the individual who are somewhat relating to situation that this may also be the case with them that’s why they their marriage is delayed and they can’t have family of their own. Then stop worrying as it is said that every problem comes with its cure.

Astrology also tells the remedies that will help with cure, so some of the cure of causes of delay in marriage:

  1. It is said one should worship Lord Krishna, worshiping him not only help in early marriage but also for progeny.
  2. It advised to wear the the stone of jupiter to the women, but make sure you take the help of expert, and who else other than Akashvani specialist astrologer will be there.
  3. As worshiping any god good as it provide the peace, but praying to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.
  4. The girls are advised to keep the fast on monday for marriage, Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvati is considered as one of important karaks in marriage.
  5. It is advised to mix pinch of haldi, whenever it is possible to the water which will be used for bathing.
  6. These can be the some cures which will help individuals may it be boy or girl who are worried because there marriage is getting delayed.

    There are plasm if  recited or chanted on daily basis then it can help.These are different for both girl and boy.

    For Girls It Is:      

               “! Om Namo Bhagwate Rukmini Vallaabhaye Swaha!!

                            ओम नमो भागवत रुक्मिणी वल्लभाई  स्वाहा !!”

    It is advised to chant facing towards east, and recited 108 times daily.

    For Boys It Is:

                         “ Patni Manorma Dehi Manovaratanusarinim !

                            Tarini Durgsansarsagrasaya Kulodbhawam !!”

    They should also chant 108 times daily, towards facing east.

    The cases and cures both given above will help the individuals who feel they can relate to these causes. There can be lot of queries and confusions and you don't know whom to go and ask the solution, then it is the point you get in touch with expert and specialist team of astrologer who knows with perfection to solve the queries. Then Akashvaani is the right place for you, here you will the answers which will solve your question and provide the answers you are looking for. In this online world, it is easy to reach us and know more about astrology and its benefits for expert astrologer. Pay a visit to our website today and solve your all astrological queries.