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Career astrology can guide you for which areas of your Jobs and career

Jobs and career

An individual who has completed his education will definitely want to know more about Job vs Business astrology.  For this, a visit is made to the astrologer and advice taken with the help of Career astrology by date of birth with a reading of the career horoscope.

We need to see the status of a person in Career astrology and it can be ascertained irrespective of the type of his career he chooses.  The ascendant, 2nd house, 3rd house, 9th house, 10th house, and 11th house and their lords tell us about status with name and fame that the individual is going to achieve in his lifetime.

The planet Sun is indicator of a king in the planetary cabinet which whenever exerts influence, blesses the individual with high status and authority of the state.

Moon is also a royal planet and represents reasonably good status in the society.

If Mars is dominant, it gives the individual executive authority.

The planets Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury give the native advisory roles and high position in life.

If Saturn is dominant in the Career Horoscope, it could give the individual Karmic duties but may not have the capability to give high status to the individual.

These planets and their positions in the above houses, and the status of the individual can be ascertained perfectly. Once the status of the individual is known, the next thing to check is the easiest way to have achieved it through job or business.

For an individual to decide on Job Vs Business astrology, we look at Business first:

  • Courage : Courage can be seen from the 3rd House as it is the House from one’s own efforts and will make you take initiatives. Upachaya houses in astrology are the 3rd, 6th and 11th Houses. In Upachaya Houses, if malefic planets are positioned in them, they give good results whereas if benefic planets are found in this House, they bring you doom. If Saturn is positioned in the 3rd House, then the individual is able to handle odd situations and has the tricks for the business to grow. Suppose the 3rd House is not strong, then the person wouldn’t be able to start his own business inspite of having all the know-how for business.
  • Finance: The 2nd House is the House of accumulated money, bank balance and capital and also the House of Family Business. Business will only be successful if the 2nd House is strong.
  • Decision making:The 5th House indicates the power of decision making. According to career astrology, if this House is strong you have the ability to make quick decisions and make you an independent and unique thinker. Jupiter is the main planet (karaka planet) which gives you all these abilities.
  • Desire: The strong 7th House tells us about the keen interest in the business as it shows strong desire to do something on your own. This House also tells about the Business relationships.
  • Fulfillment of desire:This will be decided by the 11th House as this House deals with the fulfilment of desire and all type of gains.

In the Career Prediction, you are destined for business if the 3rd House is strong and 2nd,7th and 11th House are somehow connected with each other. To judge business yoga,  you have to even check the connection with the Lords of the above Houses. It’s an advantage if the 5th House is strong. Also sometimes a connection with 7th and 10th House could give business.  But all the above Houses, need to be strong to give business. Also to become a successful businessman there should be Dhana Yoga, PanchMahapurusha Yoga, Laxmi Yoga and Bhadra Yoga present.

In Job astrology, indicators of job are seen from the 2nd, 6th, 1oth and 11th House connections:

  • 2ndHouse :This House tells us about what salary will be received by an individual. A malefic influence on this House indicates that the individual will not get salary as per the work done means the individual will be underpaid. A strong 2nd House and Lord indicate a high salary with less work. The 10th House also plays an important role in high paying jobs but salary is decided by 2nd House only.
  • 10th House: This is the House of Career. A connection of this House with the 2nd, 6th and 11th House, it indicates the career will be a job and when the same house connects with 2nd, 7th and 11th House without the 6th House, it gives ability for business.  If there is affliction to 10th House or its Lord, then the relationship with boss or higher authority will be strained and future promotions would be affected. For sudden promotions to a higher post, then apart from the 10th House, 9th House, its Lord and the Sun also need to be strong. The different planets represent different departments, like Jupiter is a representative of the HR department and combination of Sun and Jupiter indicates a high managerial post.

It is necessary for the astrologer to be an expert in reading Career Prediction.

  • Suppose a planet indicated the field of media, the astrologer should be able to guide him between book publishing, freelance editor, freelance writer, public relation, web developer, a writer or an editor.
  • Suppose a medical field is indicated, then the astrologer should be able to guide between the professions of a doctor, nurse, paramedic, psychologist, social worker or a veterinarian.
  • Suppose the planets indicate service industry, the astrologer will suggest bank teller, hairstylist, personal fitness trainer, Ski instructor or for that matter for a waiter or a wedding planner as a profession.

Apart from the D-1 chart, other charts like D-9, D-10, D-12, D-16, D-30 and D-60 need to be studied for career prediction. Also the Jamini Sutra rules have to be verified and the Chandra kalanadi rules need to be analysed.

Please consult our expert astrologers to know more about career astrology.