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kundali matching

Can Kundali match predict if marriage would be long-term relationship-?

Yet it is controversial topics whether kundali match predict if marriage would be long term relationship or not. It is totally based on individual perspective. Some totally believe that kundali can predict and some just ignore this matter of kundali as some individual say that it is totally on the individual to carry out their marriage in a long term basis and kundali has nothing to do with this. Kundali is basically a Hindi word and what we call Horoscope in English. It is mainly used in astrology. Astrologers use horoscope calculations for various events such as baby shower, rice ceremony, ring ceremony, marriage etc. Kundali can be prepared anytime by providing date, month, time and place of birth. It is a map which determines our life journey. But it is also true that everything is not depended on kundali only. Kundali cannot predict whether the marriage would long last or not. It is totally up to the couples that how they are handling their marriage in a right way. But in some cases kundalis are playing a positive role also.

             Kundali Matching

1) Kundali is helpful in some cases also if you are believer of kundali totally. It is the position of stars or planets that affects our lives. Both men and women have their individual identity which influences them in various ways. This is how kundali plays a vital role in marriage.

2) It is just a probability one may or may not believe in it. We cannot blindly make decision based on that probability.

3) Marriages in India are largely based on horoscope matching. It is considered as a crucial step before making any final commitment to the prospective bride and groom. Although, not many believe in this horoscope matching ritual also.

But marriage does not depend on kundali at all. Marriage depends on two persons love. No where it is written that one should marry by checking kundali only. It is a kind o foolishness to believe in kundali only. The success of marriage does not depend on the position of stars or planets or any kind of astrology.

Marriage compatibility-

The success and failure of married life depend on the selection of the life partner. We don’t know in what path life will take us during the course of marriage and people will change along with that path. So we have to select a right partner for that. Indian tradition is totally depended on kundali. Marriage brings two people together in a strong bond and luck and influence of one is likely to influence the other. So in that case kundalimatching is important to see how compatible the partners are with each other.

Physical and mental compatibility-

The behavior attitude lifestyle of two partners in marriage is predicted by horoscope matching only. If the level of compatibility is more then marriage life will be successful.

Should individual rely on astrology-?

Nowadays many couples do not believe in matching astrological charts.  A marriage can only be successful if there is adjustment tolerance sincerity among the couples. Astrologers only suggest and it is totally up to them whether they will follow or not. Marriage is a journey that couples want to live together. And sometimes astrology is useful in making this happen. Astrology plays an important part in Hindu religion. But people of other community’s do not follow it. Still they are enjoying a happy life. If someone believes in horoscope they must go for it.

Kundali matching is important in some cases to see how compatible the couples are. When two people unite the movement of planets also affects each other’s lives also. By matching kundali financial conditions are also looked into. If some person is carrying any kind of dosha such as mangal dosha or shani dosha it can create problem after marriage and with the help of kundli matching it can be detected. Some poojas are performed for successful and problem free married life.So lastly Marriage is a turning point in the lives of two people and their families. This beautiful relationship ties two souls, together for lifetime and beyond.


Marriage is part of our life and if kundali can predict long term relationship then everyone would blindly follow this process only. Life is yours and you are the master of your own life. Someone is taking a wrong decision then that person will have to suffer for the whole life. So think twice before doing anything. Astrological rules are important sometimes as people feel free after leading a life according to astrological judgment. Some decision can hurt but later it will bring peace in your life also. So be happy and try to keep others happy also.

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