Can Astrology Suggest which career should I choose

Can Astrology Suggest which career should I choose, Which will suit me better

Career is something which is something which helps us for sustenance of life.  Not everyone is able to get the career that they want. A person may be doing a job but is not satisfied with his work. How can one make decision of career easy for a person? The answer is simple. Just have a study of your career prediction by date of birth done with the help of career astrology.

If we look at each House in the birth chart, it has its own importance with regard to career on how to know future career.

  • 1st House – This House indicates success in the area of self-employment.
  • 2nd House – This House shows areas of career in banking, investments, finance, teaching, consultants, writing and publishing.
  • 3rd House – This House is for communication and suitable careers are marketing, salesmanship, advertising, computer, web designing, travelling, writing and import export.
  • 4th House – This House belongs to Land and vehicles. The area of career is agriculture, building material, builders, sale and purchase of vehicles, mining etc.
  • 5th House – This House is for speculation. Area of career would be share marketing, finance, education etc.
  • 6th House – This House represents litigation, loans, diseases and disputes. Strong planets in this house show a career in police, livelihood through service, court, loan-recovery, clinics etc.   
  • 7th House – This is House of business and partnerships including relations with females. This career would relate to partnership business or trading.
  • 8th House – This House relates to Insurance. It also belongs to secret powers and research. Astrology and magic are indicated in this House.
  • 9th House – This House of luck and religion relates to law, priest, head of religious institution etc.
  • 10th House – This House shows connection with Government and politics. Career would be government jobs, politicians dealing with public life etc.
  • 11th House – This is the House of income. If many planets are placed in this House, it shows income from various sources. The elder brother helps for earning of livelihood.
  • 12th House–This House shows career related to foreign countries, import export, travel agency, hospitals, prisons etc.

At time of studying the birth chart, there are three main indicators to determine one’s career as per Career astrology.

The planet Saturn

  • Depending on the placement of Saturn, we can determine the professional life of an individual.
  • Saturn in sign Aries would indicate the identity clarifications.
  • Saturn in sign Taurus denotes material goals especially possession of wealth.
  • Saturn in sign Gemini represents a wise and learned person.
  • Saturn in sign Cancer shows us that the person is more interested in family.
  • Saturn in sign Leo tells us that the person is a powerful and well-known personality.
  • Saturn in sign Virgo tells us about the health and skills of the person.
  • Saturn in sign Libra tells us about a person who has a good relationship with the partner.
  • Saturn in sign Scorpio shows us that the person takes help of past experiences to do things in the future.
  • Saturn in sign Sagittarius is a person who would lead spiritually.
  • Saturn in sign Capricorn to be a person of power and authority.
  • Saturn in sign Aquarius shows a person with an independent and fair personality.
  • Saturn in sign Pisces would show a person with understanding and support.

The zodiac sign Capricorn

  • If Capricorn sign has Mars, Sun or Jupiter, the person wants to be famous and earn a lot of wealth. He is dominated, serious, planned and authoritative.
  • If Capricorn sign has Lagna like Mercury or Uranus, he will have the above qualities but would not like to compromise on his social life.
  • If Capricorn sign has Moon, Neptune or Pluto, then the person would be probably be working in an undercover job or for a secret organisation.
  • If the person is a natural boss, organised and at an authoritative position, and is logical in decision making, then Saturn or Venus may be present in Capricorn.

The 10th House or the 10th House Lord

  • A strong Jupiter in combination with Sun and Mercury in this House would show career as an Economist.
  • The combination of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Moon in this House suggest career in the Engineering or Medical field
  • Presence of Venus and Mars in this House would suggest career in the electrical field.

The astrologers have to take into consideration the following aspects when doing a career prediction by date of birth .

1) The strength of the 10th House Lord

2) The placement of the 10th House Lord

3) The position of the 3rd and the 5th House Lord

4) TheSun placement in your Chart

5) TheMoon placement in your Chart

6) Influence of various planets on the 10th House of your Chart

7) The planets in theNavamsha Chart

8) TheAatmakaraka Planet

9) The ruling planetsof Mahadasha and Antardasha

10) Effects of the transiting planets

Thus, Career astrology has to consider so many various aspects to analyse the career suitable for you as per career prediction by date of birth.

For detailed analysis on career, feel free to consult our panel of expert astrologers at our website.


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