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Can astrology suggest remedies to avoid caesarean pregnancy?


C- Section during pregnancy has become a household name in India. Whether it is planned or unexpected, we all want the surgery to be smooth and speedy recovery. Sometimes we do not wish to have C-section delivery.

Researchers in Seattle’s Swedish Medical centre found that women who are overweight as compared to lean women are more likely to have a C-section baby where as now days most of the women they plan to have a C section baby. So whether you plan or unexpected or hope to have a smooth delivery however should not avoid the possibility of a Caesarean child. There are possibilities to have a smooth and uncomplicated caesarean baby followed by a fast recovery.

Well, what is the reason to read this blog under Astrology?  The reason is simple we can know and study from your horoscope if at all you may have a Caesarean child if yes then can it be avoided or if at all we need to then what can be the measures for a comfortable delivery . Horoscopes’ can very much tell you the birth process normal or caesarean will be better.  

Are you surprised to know ‘how Astrology can predict this? In this blog, we will read from the lens of Astrology about C-section delivery.  Astrology does predict childbirth the time and the nature of the delivery. It is not a new process rather an old age process where a soothsayer or Astrologers whatever we call, they are asked for prediction before a child was born.

As we said, earlier Astrology is a science so when an Astrologer can give prediction for an unborn child (inside the mother’s womb) it is very much obvious from this that our stars can reveal so much more to what we see or hear.  

Astrologers can very well study from your birth chart how the child will be, what stars will he /she be born with. What time and how he/she will take birth. In short, it is the position of the stars at conception that matters and not at the time of birth. Our birth chart/ horoscope or Kundali reveals many things and we can use these dates, time to make life much easier and smooth. Generally, no one really knows about the time of conceive hence the time of birth is used for predictions.

Our kundali will depict whether the mother should go for C-section child or normal however, one must not ignore the medical reason at the same time.

Children born through Normal delivery Process: From Astrological Point of View, these children will have a very healthy life physically as well mentally. They will be strong mentally and will be prepared well in advance for any problem after birth.

Children born through C-Section or Caesarean Process: These children will face problem from Moon and Jupiter throughout their lives. They may have health issues like problem with eye, backbone, stomach and are usually hyperactive child.

Important question; is to know what kind of delivery you will have.

*In case your birth chart have Rahu, Ketu, or Shani, or Mars or Venus, then that woman may have problems in giving birth and will need to opt for caesarean.

* If the 5th bhaav is not good in kundali or in Navaansh, and there's a negative planet in it, then too you will not have normal delivery.

*If Shani or Mars affect the seventh bhaav or a negative Guru and that do not correct effect in Navaansh, then it will affect the uterus or development of cysts.

*If the second bhaav is affected by Moon, then the child will have problems related to cold from birth, and the normal delivery will not be easy.

Above are few aspects astrologically that can very well predict the process of delivery of the baby and at the same time Astrologers can share remedies to avoid these negative effect at the time of delivery well in advance. Remedies depend upon your stars, shared accordingly.

Astrology is a vast subject and even Gynaecologists’ and obstetricians can utilize this science to  effectively guide their patients in a meaningful way and enable them with’ virtuous and healthy child’.

Now, you must be wondering why all this exercise? All this exercise in choosing a proper date and time along with the process of delivery for the purpose of conception, will ensure that all possible good cosmic vibrations   such that the energy generated would nullify all other unfavourable factors and enhances the chances of success.