Can Astrology Stop Divorce Through Remedies

Can Astrology Stop Divorce Through Remedies

In today’s world, you hear of many love marriages. As the couple is in love, usually they do not bother in matchmaking of the Kundlis of the couple before marriage so marriage prediction is not done. In some cases, you may find that after some time has elapsed after marriage, there are lots of problems between the couple. They are always quarrelling and are unhappy

This is when they think of divorce. A Divorce creates a social stigma.

Usually, in marriage prediction the 7th House is taken into account which gives us details regarding divorce, separation and detachment when the 7th House is troubled by negative placement of planets. If Saturn, Sun and Rahu are in this House and there is no influence of Jupiter and Venus, then the marriage is sure to end in a divorce. If 7th House Lord is found in the 6th House, there can be divorce. When the 7th House Lord is weak then also there are chances of separation from the spouse. Is divorce the only remedy to solve the problems?  No, so we can still turn to marriage astrology which gives us remedies to stop a divorce.

There are many astrological remedies which can help us after consulting an astrologer on marriage astrology. Let’s have a look at some of the astrological remedies to stop divorce


  • In a troubled marriage, both the husband and wife should go to a temple together once a week and offer pure ghee to a constant burning light and pray to God.
  • Swayamvaraparvati Homa should be performed in the House and also the Swayamvarparvati yantra should be kept with you.
  • Puja should be performed to appease the afflicted planets as per the horoscope. Consult an astrologer for studying the horoscope.
  • Have a mandir in your House and worship daily together in morning and evening.
  • Do the Tulsi Gayatri Mantra by chanting 108 times. ‘Om Shree Tulsavidmahey, Vishnu Priyaye Dhimahi, Tannovrinda prachodiaat.’
  • 250 gms of coal to be immersed in water which is flowing on a Saturday to appease the afflicted planet Saturn.
  •  Also to appease Saturn, reading of Shani Mahatmyam aloud daily is advocated.
  • Worship of Lord Shiva is advocated by chanting of the Mantra Om Namah Shivay in a Shiva Temple.
  • On Thursdays, prayers should be offered to the Peepal and Banana tree. Offer water to the trees. Ghee lamp to be lit for banana tree and mustard oil lamp for Peepal tree.


  • During festivals, food and water to be offered to ancestors and thanks given to them.
  • Both the husband and wife together should donate anything to needy people regularly.
  • A bedroom in the West direction should be avoided as it can cause a separation from the spouse.
  • The position of the wife while sleeping should be to the left hand side of the husband and the couple should make use of the same pillow. Avoid using different pillows.
  • While sleeping, the head should be either in South or East direction and if it is the opposite then an image of water flowing should be kept in the bedroom.
  • The colour of the bedroom is also very important. It should be either light pink or light green. Yellow shades and dark colours should be avoided.
  • Rose or white flowers should be bought by the couple on a Friday and kept in the bedroom. Other flowers should not be purchased.
  • Light fragrance to be purchased on a Friday and used by both the partners.
  • White sweet to be offered to the Goddess and eaten by self on a Friday. Avoid eating sour food and it will benefit a lot.
  • As Friday is a very auspicious day according to astrology, buy new clothes and jewellery on this day. After sometime, this will help in stopping the fights and improving relationship between the couple.
  • The bed used in the bedroom should come from father’s side and tying pink thread on all four sides will give wonderful benefits.
  • Wear gold bangles to bring peace in the life of a married couple.


Feel free to consult our astrologer on our website regards marriage astrology to give us remedies to stop divorce

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