Can Astrology save my marriage as we are at the verge of Divorce

Can Astrology save my marriage as we are at the verge of Divorce. Suggest Remedies

Marriage is a union of two souls which would be bound by trust, loyalty, love and commitment. This is a sacred institution where both the partners stay by each other in face of any problems of life. Even then we come across couples who have bitter fights and end up in divorce. It is a clear picture that the horoscopes have not been matched before marriage with the help of marriage Prediction.

If a Kundli Matching for marriage had been done before the marriage, then unhappiness for both the partners could have been prevented. Reasons for divorce could be lack of time for partner, lack of trust, immaturity, disrespect of each other and even monetary factors. Sometimes, even interference of a family member in the life of the couple could lead to divorce.  Consulting an astrologer for marriage astrology can help us with remedies to help stop divorce of the couple. Various remedies like Vashikaran, Pujas, Vastu remedies can help stop divorce of a couple.


  • Vasikaran mantra can help change the mind of the partner husband or wife. This is one of the best remedies to these days to stop divorce of a couple.


  • The couple should go together to a temple regularly once a week and offer ghee in a burning lamp in a temple until the relationship takes a turn for the better. Also pray to your favourite deity.
  • Perform the Swayamvaraparvati Home in the House and always keep a Swayamvaraparvatiyantra with you.
  • Chant the Vijayasundari Mantra 1000 times a day for 7 days continuously with full concentration and focus. To chant this Mantra sit on a blanket and relax before chanting the Mantra.

Om VijayaSundariKleem

  • A mandir should be prepared and God worshipped together both in morning and evening together as a couple. This will reduce the gap between the two personalities and help them stay happily together.
  • TulsiGayatri Mantra is a wonderful mantra to save your marriage. One mala (108 rosary beads) of the mantra to be recited every evening. This mantra to be recited separately by both the partners.

‘Om shriTulsayevidmahey, Vishnu priyayedhimahi, Tannovrindaprachodiaat’

  • Consult an astrologer and have pujas done to appease the afflicted planets.
  • Reading of ‘ShaniMahatmyam’ should be done daily in an audible tone.
  • Lord Shiva should be worshipped in a Shiva temple regularly and the mantra ‘Om NamahShivay’ should be chanted.
  • Offer prayers to Peepal and Banana trees on a Thursday and also offer water. Burn a ghee lamp for the Banana tree and a mustard oil lamp for the Peepal tree.


  • If you are the head of the family, avoid a bedroom in the West as staying in a west side room can cause separation from the partner.
  • The wife’s position while sleeping should be on the left hand side of the husband and they should both use the same pillow. Use of different pillows to be avoided.
  • At time of sleeping, the head should be in the South or the East direction, and if it is in the opposite direction, an image of flowing water should be kept in the bedroom.
  • The bedroom should be painted light pink or light green. Yellow shades and dark colours need to be avoided.
  • The bed in the bedroom should be given by the father and if pink thread is tied on all four sides, it gives wonderful benefits to the couple.


  • 250 gms of coal should be immersed in flowing water on a Saturday to appease the planet Saturn.
  • At time of festivals, thank your ancestors and offering of food and water should be done to them.
  • Along with your partner, give donation to the poor and needy regularly. Donations like clothing, utensils or any other thing they require should be given.
  • Spend time together on weekends and go on annual holidays to rejuvenate your love.
  • On Fridays, purchase white or red flowers to keep in the bedroom. Do not buy other coloured flowers.
  • Light fragrance has to be purchased and used by both the partners.
  • Do not eat sour food on Fridays and offer white sweet to the Goddess and partake of it as Prasad. This will give a lot of benefit to the couple.
  • Friday is considered an auspicious day according to marriage Astrology, so new clothes and jewellery should be bought on this day. After a period of time, the fights will decrease and relationship between the couple will show improvement.
  • Wearing of gold bangles by the lady will help bring peace in the married life of the couple.

Marriage astrology reading done by a known astrologer and astrological remedies suggested by him help avoid divorce.

Do take help of our astrologers to help you avoid divorce in life.

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