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Can astrology predict if it wii be Normal delivery Or Cesarean

To be a mother is a great feeling. It is also a fact that this experience starts with a pain. Want to know about your child & Pregnancy? You can take help from astrology.

What are the common questions being asked?

Astrology is known to predict the future accurately. One can trust it and take corrective measures. Some of the common questions a couple generally has related to the health and safety of a woman and a child.  Some ask ‘what is the percentage of our parenthood possibility?’ The secondary question they face is the number of kids? Even some of the couples strive to get the answer for a favorable time to conceive. Some couples are so superstitious that they even quest the right time for planning next child. It is a matter of relief that pregnancy astrology answers to each and every query of an individual.

     How many children are in my chart?

How pregnancy astrology takes place?

As far as pregnancy horoscope is concerned, an astrologer studies the first, Fifth and ninth houses. The thorough analysis of their divisional charts is done. If an individual wants to know about the birth of the child, fifth and ninth houses are observed. The presence of mars in fifth house or fifth lord makes a woman conceive. According to the pregnancy astrology, the transit of Saturn and Jupiter is also observed. In pregnancy astrology, the moon plays a very important role. The planet moon should be placed in the first house, fifth house or ninth house. These are some of the important conditions to be followed. The failure of above-mentioned conditions limits the woman to give birth.

When a woman does gives birth to boy? And when it gives birth to a girl child?

 According to the pregnancy astrology, the planet sun is responsible for the male birth horoscope. The planet moon is answerable for the women’s horoscope. Along with this the planet sun and the planet Venus should be present in male signs. And similarly, the planet moon and the planet Mars are responsible for a girl. These factors describe that whether a woman will give birth to boy or girl.

What are the responsible houses for the pregnancy?

Some of the transits are responsible for the pregnancy.  According to the astrologers, the Fifth Lord and ninth lord should transit over an ascendant. There should the effect of the transit of Saturn over the fifth or ninth house. Studies confirm that the transit of Jupiter over the fifth house or fifth lord is responsible for the pregnancy. One can even crosscheck the pregnancy possibilities at home. The presence of planets Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius in the fifth house is very important. The presence of such sign leads to the possibility of conceiving a child. These factors are considered to be favorable including the favorable transit of Jupiter.

When does a woman have normal delivery? When she should go for a cesarean delivery?

When astrologers find the presence of Rahu, Ketu, or Shani in Leo, they recommend cesarean. The same suggestion is given when the presence of Mars or Venus is seen in Leo. It is because there are chances for a woman to face problem during delivery. Some astrologers also study the presence of 5th bhaav. If it is found to be negative, a woman is suggested to have a cesarean delivery. The 7th bhaav is also related to pregnancy of a woman. It should not be executed by Shani or Mars. It is because it is directly proportional to the uterus.

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