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Can Astrological Remedies Help in My Health Issues?

The medical astrology is an ancient astrological body related to the illness of various body parts, and the diseases and remedies associated with the same. It deals with identifying the cause and remedy of an illness on the basis of various planetary movements in the different houses.

According to this field, the various planets situated in distinct houses, Nakshatras, and signs are influenced by the planetary movements and may lead to distinct sorts of ailments. With the help of medical astrology, it is possible to cure the disease in the body to the complete extent.

    Why sudden health issues i am facing?

Sun Medical Astrology

It influences the parts of the body, like right eye, skin, belly, heart, stomach, head, and bone. It is related to diseases like problems in the right eye, ailments of heart, high fever, fracture in bone, ailments in head, and even skin and stomach problems.

Moon Medical Astrology

It is linked to the body parts, like lungs, left eye, alimentary canal, intestines, kidneys, breast, and lymph, the water content in body, lungs, blood, and mind. The medical astrology of moon is concerned with ailments of the heart, blood poisoning, vomiting, diabetes, dropsy, menstrual disorders, mammary glands, cold, cough, hydrocele, kidney problems, water ailments, asthma, and diarrhea.

Mercury Medical Astrology

It is concerned with chest, skin, nose, gallbladder, lungs, arms, hair, mouth, tongue, veins, spinal system, nerves, and navel. It tells about ailments, like gallbladder, nose, bone fracture, paralysis, ulcer, indigestion, mouth ailments, skin diseases, cholera, fits, paralysis, vertigo, neurofibroma, and typhoid.

Mars Medical Astrology

It is related to energy, genitals, rectum veins, blood, marrow, female organs, nose, and vitality. The medical astrology of Mars tells about ailments of head, wounds, cuts, itches, and sore eyes, loss of energy, blood pressure, bone fracture, rectal ailment, fistula, mumps, hernia, chicken pox, dysentery, menstrual disturbances, and urinal ailments.

Venus Medical Astrology

This field of medical astrology is related to eyesight, semen, body shine, water in glands and body, face, urine, chin, and throat. It helps to deal with diseases of eye and face, throat, diabetes, the water content in body, impotency, glands, chin, venereal ailments, and fading body luster.

Saturn Medical Astrology

Body parts like legs, muscles, teeth, hair, ears, knees, spleen, skin, legs, and limbs are linked to this planet. This field of health astrology deals with diseases like damage or loss of limbs, stomach pain, ailments of bones, lags, skin, ugly hair, wounds, paralysis, deafness, baldness, tumors, hysteria, muscle pains, mental worries, rheumatic pains, and teeth problems.

Jupiter Medical Astrology

Body parts like thighs, brain, liver, memory, spleen, semen, tongue, ear, lungs, and fat are dealt with this field of astrology. It is concerned with diseases of kidneys, liver, diabetes, tongue malady, pancreas spleen, tumors, abscesses, blood poisoning, tumors, thighs, and diseases of the ear.

Remedies for Various Health Disorders

Sun Ailments and Remedies

If you are suffering any ailment in heart, right eye, or other related to week sun then you follow these remedies:

  • Avoid consuming meat.

  • Feed black cows and monkeys.

  • Don’t accept free gifts.

  • Donate dark or bright colored clothes.

  • Drink a glass of sugar water.

Moon Ailments and Remedies

If you are suffering ailments related to the moon, then you can escape the situation by practicing these remedies.

  • Keep your mother pleased always and take her blessings.

  • Donate sweets to small girls.

  • Feed birds and offer them water to drink.

  • Don’t go for any business related to milk or milk products.

Mars Ailments and Remedies

If your Mars is weak, then you might experience frequent accidents, surgeries, head injury, indigestion, burns, cuts, abortion, and more. The remedies for this are as follows:

  • Always carry a red color cloth or handkerchief.

  • Donate blood for military, arms

  • Raise funds for good deeds.

  • Place an elephant tusk in the bedroom.

  • Feed cows on a regular basis.

  • Plant a Neem tree in your home.

Mercury Ailments and Remedies

A weak Mercury results in troubles with intelligence, skin ailments, neck, and voice issues. According to health astrology, you can combat these ailments through the following remedies.

  • Stop consuming alcohol or meat.

  • Always wear clean and washed clothes.

  • Donate milk and rice at temples and other places.

  • Drink water only in silver glass.

  • Feed cows before you eat food.

Jupiter Ailments and Remedies

If your Jupiter is weak, then you might experience problems related to jaundice, liver, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and more. The following remedies can be helpful in this regard.

  • Wearing a yellow turban or cap

  • Applying sandalwood paste on the forehead

  • Offering bananas and other yellow color treats to the people

  • Wearing gold jewelry

  • Using vehicle, pen, or other items of your father

  • Helping your siblings in various tasks

So, you see, medical astrology can provide you with the best solutions for all your health problems. Hence, if you are suffering from any health-related ailment for a long time, then you must contact an expert medical astrologer right now.

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